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    Overrunning alternator (clutched) pulley on B4 with 1Z?

    My '97 Passat TDI (B4 with 1Z) has a standard fixed alternator pulley. I will be replacing the alternator soon with a Bosch remanufactured one that is on the way. Is it possible, and is there advantage to putting on an overrunning alternator pulley on alternator that I'm ordering, even though...
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    B4 Blown Differential?

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've posted, as I've had years of trouble-free service from my B4 sedan until yesterday. It appears that my differential is shot. I get no power to the wheels, just a horrible gear-skipping clunking sound when I attempt to apply power regardless of gear. The...
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    FS: Michelin Snow Tires on Rims for B4 Indianapolis, IN $450

    I have a complete set of Michelin X Ice snow tires for sale. They are 175/70/R14 and mounted on OEM steel wheels (4x100) for my 1997 Passat TDI (B4). They have low miles on them, only 3 winters. I'm moving to Southern California, so I don't need them any more! They are worn evenly with...
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    Still FS: B4V 1997 VW Passat TDI Wagon, Indianapolis, IN

    Hi all, I posted this last August and got some email interest, but not enough to close a sale. I am happy to email or talk to list members about it. I thought I'd try here one more time before I advertise to the "outside world:" For Sale: 1997 VW Passat TDI Wagon Indianapolis, IN $3700...
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    Black NMS/B7 Passat TDI SEL Fishers / Indy Home De$pot

    Hi, I was at Home De$pot at lunch today (Northeast Indianapolis / South Fishers (96th st.) and I parked my white '97 Wagon (B4v) by itself halfway up the row away from the crowds. When I came out of the store, there was a beautiful black NMS Passat TDI SEL (with the nice wheels and 2 carseats...
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    Picture Test

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    FS: Rare B4V! 1997 VW Passat TDI Wagon, Indianpolis, IN

    Hi all, 235k miles Asking $3700 obo; Indianapolis IN 919-272-0186 We've inherited a newer 4-wheel appliance, so it is time to sell our beloved White 1997 VW Passat TDI Wagon with black cloth interior. You might find some green 96 B4V's out there, but the white ones...
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    Where to get exhaust for B4?

    Hi, For those of us who prefer quiet over performance, where is the best place to get a stock exhaust system for a B4 Passat (wagon)? I actually do want to keep the resonator and muffler in the system. I've already replaced the DP & Cat, but due to the noise I think it is time for the rest to...
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    Thanks! Injector Pump Leak

    Hi all, I wanted to thank the list for making it possible to maintain a TDI. Both of my B4's developed the injector pump leak, and that of course was just because they are 11 years old, and had nothing to do with the fact I used biodiesel last summer when regular Diesel was $4.80 / gal. :o...
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    WVO collection pump reccomendations

    Hi, I am thinking of leaving the 55 gal. drums at the friendly restaurant and collecting it with a tank-on-trailer rig. Can anyone recommend a good 12V transfer pump for this application? How cold can it be for this to work before it is impossible to suck the oil out of the drum? Thanks!
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    Latest on injector pump seal leaking?

    Hi, My 97 Passat TDI is about to start leaking at the injector pump. It is not dripping yet, but I can smell it -- especially on the cold mornings in the winter. It looks dirty like it has been oozing around the top cover among other places. I imagine I better get it done before next winter...
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    B4 Downpipe / Flexpipe Replacement Options

    Hi, I have enjoyed reading the archives regarding the downpipe / flexpipe replacement in the B4's. It seems there is no source for a new stock downpipe except for the dealer$hip. My favorite local muffler shop (knows how to weld) didn't want to try to replace the flexpipe with a generic. I...
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    Where can I find a used ECU?

    Hi, My B4 97 Passat TDI has an interesting "Check Engine Light" problem. The code returned is for a memory error in the computer. Of course, the dealer$hip wants $1.3k for a new one. The car still runs great, so I am in no hurry. Where can I find a good used one? Also, if this is a good...
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    Cold Start Issues with 97 Passat TDI

    Hi, I have a 97 Passat TDI with an intermittent cold start problem that I want to fix before Glowplug weather. I have a VAG COM, so I've adjusted the fuel injector timing (dead center), and there are no error codes. I've replaced the coolant temperature sensor because it was reading a little...