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    TDI Pickup EREV Idea

    Hello all, Some of you might have known me from my crazy days of modding my tdi's over the years, but i no longer own an tdi as of about a year ago. I have since then been daily driving an Chevy Volt that has really made an impact on me since the torque of the electric motor in sport mode...
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    FS/FT: 2009 GTB2260 (Highly Modded) 6spd

    I am posting this up to see if there is any interest to buy my beautiful 2009 VW Jetta TDI w/78k miles or trade for VW Golf TDI w/DSG + Cash. It is a highly modified and a custom tuned car that is daily driven and enjoyed. It is one of the FASTEST and MOST POWERFUL COMMONRAIL TDI cars in North...
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    FixxFest 2014 Track/Show Day

    Just thought i post up my results, they are not great.. but they are not terrible.. i couldn't finish a full 1/4 mile run without having to shift early to miss the RPM point where my fuel rail drops to low and throws me into fuel cut limp mode, or i shifted earlier to prevent it and didn't run...
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    Boost Leak Performance?

    I was curious what others get on their boost leak test, i check mine from time to time just to make sure im still sealed up and to date its always been the same... i hook up boost tester to turbo, put my thumb over the CCV port on the valve cover, then i air it up with the compressor... i start...
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    Tuning Question: A/C ON vs OFF

    I have wanted to know the answer to this for a while now and the person I asked it has been so busy that he has not gotten around to it so I figured I would ask this question in regards to the CR140 engines... Are there different tuning maps for each condition on the new CR140? I ask because...
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    Turning a TDI into a EREV?

    Could a TDI be used in this same situation but in a smaller pickup like maybe a Ranger or Tacoma?? I went to the track this past weekend to get out of the house and see my cousin race his bike, but between events there was an electric motorcycle class that ran on the track and after watching...
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    VCDS: Metering Valve Logging?

    I have been following the whole Cruze diesel thing that is going on in the performance world and the Cruze diesel has actually broke 300WHP on the OEM CP4.1 without rail pressure issues.. They did have to adjust the metering curves in the tuning, but they are only getting down to 24% duty cycle...
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    Is this Feasible on a TDI?

    I was at a diesel truck show this past weekend and i noticed something that was very common among many of the modified diesel trucks.. they were instead of adding a HUGE secondary turbo, or swapping the stock VGT turbo out for a bigger single.. the new common thing seems to be buying up used...
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    MAF Removed: What is lost??

    I am curious what is all lost when you remove the MAF from newer commonrail tdi engines? I ask because i have been looking over logs from the past and noticed that its nearly maxed out much of the time.. and i have had the lingering check engine light that pops up out of the blue randomly that...
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    TDI Smyth Truck?? Anyone have knowledge??

    I seen the article on vortex today that said that the UTE kit was on sale, so i clicked on it and to my surprise its actually pretty nice... I am curious if anyone else has any knowledge about this kit in regards to how usable the bed is and how it affects your MPG, i have been contemplating a...
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    Are newer Diesel vehicles becoming less reliable?

    I have been gawking over possibly upgrading to a small/midsize diesel truck for the past few months for my new vehicle once i finish medical school ever since one of my friends traded in his full size truck for the Dodge Ram 1500 ecodiesel...but i am finding them to be just slapped together...
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    CR140: Soon OEM Fueling upgrade??

    after chatting it up with a friend of mine.. he informed me that my troubles of fueling issues may be completely fixed upon the release of the new Gen 8 Passat this year.. He said the information put out is the new TDI engine will have a version of the CP4.2.... could anyone else confirm this...
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    MK1 VW Rabbit Diesel FTW

    I was wandering who's car this was... if they are a club member.. then i would love to see the build thread on it..
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    Which Auto?? for TDI

    I was wandering what automatic transmission would be the best option for an tdi with an adapter plate? I ask because i am thinking of picking up an Chevy Colorado or Tacoma and swapping an TDI in it..... just an idea
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    Fixed Geometry Compounds?

    I was curious if anyone has given it any thought about running a pair of FIXED geometry compounds.. as in no VGT turbo in the mix.. I ask this because i have been seeing a lot of failures on the trucks side from VGT sticking or not able to work properly causing failures due to EMP spikes.. and...
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    New Turbo: Help Me Pick One

    Hello All, I have been pondering this for a while and think i am going to go ahead with it, I am looking for advice from all the Turbo Sizing Guru's on what turbo I should pair up with my current GTB2260Vk, The reason i am asking isnt because i want to run a stupid amount of power on the...
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    I was shared a video from a friend and after watching the video... Im actually impressed... They use an 350nm 120kw E-Motor in place the starter, it removed 3000rpms of turbo lag from the system.. Awesome Video to watch.. I wander if an...
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    Competition is gaining steam

    I was just reading some of the diesel forums i hang out on and i came across this study... This company Exergy Engineering is working on producing a line of performance upgrades for the new Cruze Diesel...They are going to produce a series of video's showing the differences in power for each...
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    DSG Slippage: Research for limits

    I am wanting to find out if anyone has had any problems with clutch slippage from the dsg with just chip tunes?? I ask because some of the chip tunes are pushing 300wtq on stock hardware... My goal is to find out if there is already a present problem with TDI's with DSG or are they just as...
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    RPM's: Break Through??

    I was just reading up on the new Nissan Frontier that will sport a 2.8L Inline 4 Cummins based diesel engine as its heart and something that caught my eye... under specs of the truck...was the rpm range.. so i went and looked for the pictures of the interior to see what the gauges said to see if...