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  1. buyingconstant7

    Worse fuel economy after timing belt change.

    I changed the belt and all components on my mk5 BRM tdi. I’m noticing about 1-3 mpg worse than before and the weather has even gotten warmer since then. So it’s probably even worse. My torsion value prior to the belt change was -1.5. After the belt change is at +0.49. I thought this timing...
  2. buyingconstant7

    Keep my TDI? Swap my engine into another one?

    Backstory here, my current 2006 Jetta TDI was purchased new by my mom in mid 2005. I'm 23 and I got the car around for my 18th birthday, replacing my mk4. Over the years the car has racked up 520,000km right now. I've put lots of money into it especially recently, as I replaced the clutch...
  3. buyingconstant7

    Factory Auxiliary Heater Driving me Insane!

    Back when my 2006 Jetta TDI was new, I specifically remember it delivering me near-instant heat and the idle raised to about 1,000rpm when I first fired it up on a cold day. Assumed it had some sort of heater in the airbox and left it at that, it was great! Fast forward to 15 years later, I...
  4. buyingconstant7

    What to do with my high mile PD?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been active on this forum. I've been driving my mk7 Golf R around but recently my mother wanted to get rid of her 2006 Jetta that she bought brand new 16 years ago, so I gladly took it from her since I practically grew up in that car. Currently it has...
  5. buyingconstant7

    Only runs with cam sensor unplugged

    I bought this 2006 BRM mk5 TDI as a project knowing it would be a sh*t show, but oh man I'm still finding surprises. Body and interior are excellent, the guy just did a cam, lifters, bearings, and egr delete with the tune for it. After that it would run very poorly, smoke lots and wouldn't rev...
  6. buyingconstant7

    Lots of Black Smoke After New Cam :(

    Installed a new cam for my sisters BRM yesterday...this was the kit we bought: We installed it without a hitch, went very well, our special tools cam in real handy. So when we started it up, we 'broke the cam in' by doing about 10...
  7. buyingconstant7

    Benefits of going to a Colt Stage 2 Cam?

    Sisters BRM has what sounds to be a smashed lifter. When I'm engine braking and downshift and the revs go up around 3,00rpm, I can hear an intense valve ticking. It alarmed me at first because I thought it was rod knock, but after hearing it, it's definitely lifter tick. Cam is original and car...
  8. buyingconstant7

    BEW misses on cold start

    No matter what the ambient temp, I turn the key, wait for the glowplug light to go out, crank over, and it stumbles a bit and misfires for the first couple seconds. Do BEW's show codes for a bad glowplug? What should I check?
  9. buyingconstant7

    BRM turbo fit on BEW?

    So I posted last week that I was buying a 2004 Jetta TDI for under $500 in stunning shape, just needed a turbo. The owner obviously didn't know or care about the value of the car, even with a bad turbo. So I bought it and tore it apart, the turbo literally exploded and the exhaust-side turbine...
  10. buyingconstant7

    When to do coolant flush?

    Looked at the service manual and I couldn't find anything on when to do a coolant flush on the mk6 TDI's. My car has 80,000kms on it now, so I have no clue when I should do it. This pink coolant does last a long time, I know, since my sisters 2006 BRM lasted on it's original coolant for 10 years...
  11. buyingconstant7

    Buying a BEW with a blown turbo!

    I found a 2004 Jetta TDI 5spd with the BEW engine of course. The guy was driving it last week when he was accelerating, he heard a sort-of pop, and saw tons of smoke with no power and limped it home which was 2 blocks away, making sure oil loss would be kept to a minimum. He is selling it to me...
  12. buyingconstant7

    Which tires to choose!

    I really got my moneys worth of my stock ContiProContacts that came with my car, getting 75,000km out of them(almost bald now). I put brand new winter tires on 17" Denver Alloy Wheels and will keep them on until May-ish, so I am left with the stock 17" Queensland wheels and bald all seasons...
  13. buyingconstant7

    BRM just died and would not restart easily

    So in Calgary it's about -17c(1F), and we have a heated shop THANK GOD! So my sister has a 2006 Jetta TDI with 360,000km and it had been sitting in the snow and cold for a few days. I fired it up(glow plug light went out suspiciously fast, it was on for about 3 seconds) to move it a few hundred...
  14. buyingconstant7

    Gauge Cluster goes dead

    When I unlock the car and open the door, the backlight illuminates with the mileage and time, as per usual. Go to start the car, fires up normal, cluster works for 5 seconds and then it's like all power is lost to the cluster, no tach, clock, backlight...everything is out. Shut the car off, and...
  15. buyingconstant7

    When to replace the coolant?

    So I know VW claims their coolant is good for the life of the vehicle, but so did GM and DexKill and we all know how that went down.....When should I flush the cooling system and put new stuff in? Mom took over my 2013 Jetta TDI as I got a 2017 Golf R, so she wants to put a million miles on it...
  16. buyingconstant7

    Extended crank on cold start

    My 2013 has been pretty flawless save for a failed glow plug a few thousand miles ago that was fixed under warranty. I notice in the summer, that the car sometimes needs a few extra seconds to fire up. Battery charge is fine, it cranks quickly, but it just sometimes takes up to 5 seconds to...
  17. buyingconstant7

    When the F*** are our cars gonna be bought back?!?

    I'm running out of patience. I love my TDI, I'm in no way offended of this diesel scandal one bit(I couldn't care a damn sight less), I just want a new car, and VW is not saying ANYTHING. I expected an update on June 28th...we got piddly information. Then they said July 28th, I eagerly awaited...
  18. buyingconstant7

    How to know if I'm buying the correct refrigerant control valve!?!

    Alright, so I need to buy a RCV for my sisters 2006 Jetta TDI BRM. I crawled underneath the car to see the sticker for the compressor but it was facing the fan shroud, and there is maybe 3 inches of room, so I could not read it properly. I got my phone and tried to take a picture, but the phone...
  19. buyingconstant7

    Where to buy a refridgerant control valve?

    Where can I buy one online? My sisters BRM has a bad one,and needs A/C soon. Any idea where I can order one?
  20. buyingconstant7

    AC Compressor shut off code -16?

    Sisters mk5 BRM's ac kicked out on a road trip. It's been weak for 2 years but randomly kicked out. I checked with vag com and there is voltage going to the compressor once commanded on, but the ac evaporator temp never changed, so it's not obviously not doing anything. Also found out there is a...