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    CRUA Turbo upgrade

    Coolant should be easy to tie into. The EGR cooler lines would be one place as those are tied together now. The swap should be easy and except for the coolant lines no need for instructions. I don't know how you're making heat. When it's below 35 degrees the cooling system is so efficient that...
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    CRUA Turbo upgrade

    Yeah I searched with very few hits. It’s not cheap to make power with these. If I can get close to the power that my A6 TDI has with spending around $2500 then I’ll be happy. The problem is I’m sure I’ll get the itch and want to go beyond in 6 months. I think I should just go buy the RS6 Avant...
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    CRUA Turbo upgrade

    So I've figured out that my turbo is toast and as such it's time to upgrade. I'm fully deleted and am thinking I'll go with the xman CR190 hybrid mostly because it's water cooled and that should help me make heat in the winter, which is just about impossible now. Who else has used the XMAN...
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    Turbo cooling

    Oh and what tune did you go with?
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    Turbo cooling

    By chance does the water cooler help warm the car up? Being deleted kills my ability to make heat in the winter. Haha
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    Turbo cooling

    Jah did you try this yet?
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    MK7 stalled and won't start no codes!

    The only thing I can think of is return line. I think they have a return line, right. Wonder if high pressure would cause it not to work and then it slowly “leaks down” into the tank and allows to work long enough to build pressure again. Is the metering valve the only fuel pressure regulator...
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    MK7 stalled and won't start no codes!

    I was driving and the car just died on me. Coast to a parking lot and it just cranks. I pulled an autoscan and there are no engine DTC's. When it sits for a day or two it'll start and run for about a second then die. I've logged different parameters while attempting to start. I don't see...
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Mine was also right after a TB change. I’m 100% in agreement that this isn’t a coincidence.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Technically not under warranty but I'm thinking about taking it to VW and trying to get VW to cover it. Sadly I live about 40 miles from the dealership so I'll have to tow it there, good thing I have a truck and a tow dolly.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Just shy of 180k miles. Almost all driving is from my commute which is 126 miles each way. My driving would be considered spirited with most drives my car sees 100mph runs. I don't monitor regens but rarely do my regens get interrupted.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    So has anyone seen this before? One DPF Pressure Sensor is completely melted and the other is starting to melt. Time to delete. Question is can I plug the hoses and drive it until parts come in?
  13. EA288 DPF sensors melted

    EA288 DPF sensors melted

  14. EA288 Engine

    EA288 Engine

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    WTB: MK7 delete full kit

    Hey yall I'm hoping someone is selling a Buzzken delete kit for a MK7 Golf. Hoping to save some money and get quick.
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    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    My Golf is just about to turn 180k miles. Under warranty issues, DEF injector, engine harness. Out of warranty DPF pressure sensors literally just happened, suspension, brakes, timing belt
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    '15 GSW Timing Belt-age or mileage???

    Does VW call for a 130k mile change interval or is that just what people are thinking because we know a lifetime timing belt isn’t real.
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    MK7 Brand New Bilstein B6 Struts & Shocks/ H&R Springs/Mounts TDI (Maryland)

    You still have these? What’s the drop on them?
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    Fund Raiser for Oilhammer

    I'm a new member and have already been helped by Oilhammer!! He saved me from more headaches. The money I'm sending is payment for his consultation!! Thanks for the help. I hope it helps take some of the stress away so you can focus on taking care of the family.
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    Sorry for another transmission thread

    ALL HAIL OILHAMMER!!! I changed the fuel filter tonight and went for a short drive with no shudder. I'll run it 200 miles tomorrow going to work and get the final verdict. I couldn't see past the newish fuel filter and torque converter code. I had a Honda Accord that when the TC went bad it...