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    First Oil Change at 1800 Miles 1.8t AllTrack?

    My beautiful young bride bought a new 2017 Golf Alltrack back in September. She's now getting the "change oil" message on the DIC. She only has 1800 miles. Does anyone with the 1.8T know if the first oil change is sooner than expected? I recall her 2015 Passat 1.8 went like 6,000 miles before...
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    Opinions on '17 Golf Alltrack?

    Hey all. Haven't been here in awhile since my Jetta was "donated" to a younger person to "rice" as it were. I have a question about the Golf and figured I'd ask here. My beautiful young bride is nearing the lease finish on her 2015 Passat. She likes the Passat but also wants something more...
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    Question about Non-TDI NMS

    I am posting this here because I don't see much activity in the "other vehicles" areas. Let me know if it needs to be moved. I figured the opinions would be same for the tranny and other items with a NMS and a TDI NMS. I also posted this on vwvortex but am not getting much information. My...
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    Clutch going bad or something else?

    So I have my 2000 GLE TDI with 240,000 miles on the original five speed transmission and clutch. It has been fine until day before yesterday. At that time I noticed it was hard to shift into third. Today, while driving home from a five mile trip, I found it hard to downshift into third...
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    Has anyone done a color change?

    I did check on vwvortex and here, but haven't found anything definate. I'd love to get rid of my beige interior and go with dark grey or black. Has anyone done that to their MK4 yet? If so, what was your experience. Here's one thread from 2003 on the subject. I didn't want to reply to a...
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    Another episode of What is This Part?

    Was looking under the car for the air conditioning radiator, and noticed this rod thingy not attached to some other support thingy. This is on the passenger side (right front). On the other side it is attached. What is it and how do I reattach? I'm not even sure what to look for at the moment...
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    Register Article Claims More Engineers in on the Emissions Defeat

    Was reading an article on The Register and saw this.
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    How Do I check Low Fan speed Without Jacking Up Car?

    Looking into my air conditioning now that we're approaching the hot season. I recently posted this thread - -and was looking at the various troubleshooting threads. This video - - showed a MK4 on a...
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    Air Conditioning Intermittent?

    This past weekend, I took the plunge and pulled apart my center console to fix the blend door. I had lukewarm air coming out whether I was on Air Conditioning or heating. I now have good heat in the morning. However, I do not have really cold air. As it is coming to the hottest time of the year...
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    Actual Fuel Tank Capacity?

    I googled and am not sure of the correct answer. I wonder if anyone's done a test after installing a fresh clean tank. I've done the ventectomy and have regularly been filling up to the neck with 15+ gallons of diesel. Yesterday after driving for two days with my light on, I stopped to fill...
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    What is this part?

    While working on my fuel injectors last week, I saw this globe-shaped thingy in the engine bay. I cannot seem to find a description of it in the interwebs. Here's a picture from another thread here on TDI club from user Seatman. Any idea what it is? It is just in front and to the right of the...
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    P03080 Glow Plug and 00523 Airbag codes?

    User Proto sent me a shiny VAG cable, after I (or one of my two teens) lost my cable. In any case, I had a CEL, and now I know why. I have two faults. First is a Glow Plug / Heater 16764 - Glow Plug/Heater (Q6) Circuit P0380 - 35-10 - Malfunction - Intermittent Second is airbags 00532 -...
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    Buyback? Nope

    Twice this weekend, I had someone approach me and ask if my Jetta was going to be bought back by VW. I simply smiled.
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    WTB Ross Tech Vag Com KII-USB

    Cannot for the life of me seem to find my Vag-Com KII. I last used it in May (or June) and have torn up the garage looking. Anyone want to offload theirs? I have a 2000 so need the KII model not the CAN model.
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    Antenna Base Replacement

    My Antenna base has a hole in it. Looking around I see a few "how-to" articles on replacement, which all involve removing the headliner and a ton of work. Is it that hard? Can't I just buy the base and install to existing wiring? I don't listen much to the radio (100+ stations and nothing on!)...
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    R&T Article on the Diesel Buyback / "Fix"

    In case anyone is interested, Road and Track has a listing of buyback options.
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    VW Clasico - Cool Car!

    Just got back from a cruise (Mexico, Belize, Honduras) and wanted to share. While in Mexico, we took the taxi a few times. In each case, the taxi was a VW Clasico, which was the MK4 Jetta only newer. My younger son, who is always bagging on my Jetta had to admit that it must have been a good...
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    Temporary Power loss (or: what is this part?)

    Yesterday I was driving home from work. It was about 109 degrees according to my phone. Halfway through the drive, I noticed that the car started accelerating very sluggishly. It would eventually get up to speed but I had to downshift, and it felt like something was amiss. I remember my '95 GMC...
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    1979 Rabbit Long Term Review

    I couldn't find a MK I forum, so I'm posting this here. Was looking at information on the 1979 diesel Rabbit here in the US. Saw a long-term test review. Good article. I had no idea the vehicle did not have air conditioning...
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    Help Finding Center Console Cup Holder

    Help - trying to find a center console cup holder for the Jetta. I think this would be a huge improvement for my morning and afternoon commutes. I saw one on on ECS Tuning, but beige is out of stock. Checking eBay, there's almost nothing around. Can...