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    Looking to install fog lights @ low cost...

    I'll second this. I got the OEM Projector kit from ECS, and installed it myself. Was a couple hour job, but nothing in particular was difficult.
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    Attn: ATLANTA TDI Members

    I've got family in Irmo, which is right next to Chapin. 4 hours from Atlanta is correct. You take I-20 almost all the way over, it's a pretty boring drive.
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    DRLs off without VCDS

    Agreed. A miserably stupid website. Anyone who has glare problems in full sunlight due to headlights is either not human, or too blind to be allowed outdoors. Wait, someone in a car might mistake my motorcycle for a heavy and dangerous car, and thus give me more room? Wow, can I do this...
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    Anybody install a rear camera in JSW?

    I installed a nice Kenwood unit that accepts a video input, and Crutchfield sent me a free backup camera. However, not knowing where to run the cable through my JSW, I haven't installed the camera yet. Suggestions and guidance would be appreciated.
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    The one year, 0 problem thread

    15 months, 18.5K miles, no issues.
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    Fog light wiring question ...... MK5 A5 Jetta

    Sounds like you've got it correct, though I'm very suspicious of the quality from a $27 set of lights. ECS Tuning also provides a wiring harness that doesn't require the highline CECM: The OEM instructions have you tie the...
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    Your choice. Some people need the fogs to turn off when the high beam goes on, mostly to pass some type of inspection. I prefer to keep the fogs on with the high beam, since I'm driving in the evening on very dark roads in deer country.
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    favorite after-market NAV unit for '09 Jetta?

    I'll add a 2nd vote for the Kenwood units. I like the Garmin GPS interface, since I've got several other Garmins. And they boot up much faster than the Pioneer units. I got the unit with an installation kit from Crutchfield, and it had all I needed.
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    Loud Fan Noises (Fan Continues to Run) After Engine Shut Down

    There's a thread from last year somewhere around here, an owner kept a VAG-COM plugged in while he drove and reported a regen every 300 miles. (If I recall correctly)
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    FAQ: 2009 - 2010 TDI-specific issues

    You shouldn't be over inflating your tires to avoid a warning light, you should be properly maintaining correct pressure in your tires in order to run at the correct pressure. The warning light is not just a nuisance, it's an actual warning. If the light comes on, you've let things get...
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    In Cabin Electric heater

    Somewhere around here, there's a nice thread on the topic, but the best/cheapest choice seems to be foam pipe insulation (like you'd wrap around your water pipes in the basement). Just cut them to the appropriate length and insert between the slats of your radiator grill. You can control how...
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    Frost Heater

    The heater attaches to the hoses for the cooling system. The heater itself sits very low in the engine bay, near the front left corner. I think you can find it by taking off the side grilles (where fog lights get installed) and following the power cord back into the engine compartment. Are you...
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    iPhone help

    The older iPhones supported charging at 12v on a Firewire pin, and at 5v on a USB pin. The newer ones only support the 5v USB connection. The car dock is probably only providing 12v power, since that's trivially available, and doesn't have anything connected on the 5v pin. There are small...
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    DPF Regerneration Cycle

    Someone did some research with a VAG-COM, and was seeing a regen every ~300 miles. The algorithm seems to be: whenever the computer detects a pressure drop over the DPF of [x], or every 300 miles, whichever comes first. If your normal drive is 30 minutes on the highway, you probably get the...
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    Dealership Horror Story!

    Actually, given what little I know about the HPFP, I wonder if there really could have been a fuel problem? HPFPs should be reliable, they don't just fall apart. Something has to be a proximate cause. It could be a defective pump from the factory, but it still ran for several thousand miles...
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    Dealership Horror Story!

    Well, depending on how specific you want to be, this statement is sorta correct. I think it's pretty clear what the problem isn't (contaminated fuel), and we have a most-likely culprit with no other plausible alternatives (hp pump), but we don't really know what's causing the hp pump to fail. It...
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    Projector headlights for '09 Jetta?

    I've got these lights in my 09 JSW, and really like the way they look & function. (And ECS Tuning is a good source.) However, if you are having scatter problems on snow, you might look into getting a set of fog lights with yellow bulbs. I've heard a number of sources that say the yellow light...
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    Federal tax credit for '10 TDI w/DSG increased to $1700?

    As I recall from last years discussion of the credit, it's slightly more complicated than that. The tax credit is calculated as a function of how much better the diesel is compared to the same (or equivalent) car as a non-diesel. So the DSG Golf TDI is apparently showing a bigger improvement...
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    2009 Jetta MK5 Headlight Replacement Help

    I don't recall any locking tabs, just lots of torx screws. Getting the headlights in and out required a bit of a twisting movement to clear some of the supports, but once you find the right angle it's not bad.
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    2009 Jetta MK5 Headlight Replacement Help

    Technically, you are removing just a plastic bumper cover, the steel(?) bumper remains firmly attached to the car. I'd think that even the skinniest waif should be able to handle it, as long as she was old enough to drive. That said, you might want a 2nd set of hands to help you. I did the job...