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    P1007 P0300 P0304 resolved

    VAG Code: P1007 P0300 P0304 Symptom: Low power, stumbling and hesitation until engine starts warming up. Resolution: Replaced all 4 injectors Results: I now have a new Passat TDI :)
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    Defroster is not working

    The heater core is working fine. Air moves through all vents except the defrost. I have calibrated the Climatronic and the result did not change. Any help / advice would be appreciated!
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    Free: Genuine 2012-2019 Volkswagen Passat 4 Piece Floor Mat Set Gray VW OEM

    Free: Genuine 2012-2019 Volkswagen Passat 4 Piece Floor Mat Set Gray VW OEM. The mat in the lower right has stains. Will try local first (Dallas Texas), then I will ship
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    Lower Hose split, throwing a bunch of codes.

    Hey everyone, thought I would share this experience. While driving home I noticed a whooshing noise coming from the engine while the engine speed was at 2k or greater and a loss of power. A few minutes later I got a CEL (Check Engine Light). My Ross-Tech revealed the following codes...
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    A/C troubleshooting guide

    Would anyone happen to have an A/C troubleshooting guide? My A/C is not working. Turning on the A/C switch does nothing, no load on the engine. The fuse is not blow. Just need a little direction. Thanks, Jesse
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    A4 Jetta Winter Front

    A4 Jetta Winter Front OEM Part Number: ZVW193898 Manufacturer Number: ZVW193898 Used one year (in Texas) $30.00 shipped to your address
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    2018 Chevy Equinox gains an optional diesel
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    4 new and sealed oil filters $20.00 shipped

    4 new and sealed oil filters $20.00 shipped Oil Filter (A4)(B5.5) MANN-FILTER OEM Part Number: 074115562 Manufacturer Number: HU726/2X TDI oil filter element for your A4 chassis 98+ New Beetle TDI, 99.5+ Jetta TDI & Golf TDI with the 1.9L ALH engine. Has internal plastic...
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    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI 5-speed - Texas $2500

    SOLD - After purchasing a Cruze diesel I’m now ready to part with my cherished 01 Jetta. I have done most of the maintenance myself. What work I haven’t done myself has been done by Brian Hague (aka Alphaseinor). Some work early on was done by the local VW dealership. I have used this site as...
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    New Engine Oil Viscosity Upgrade for the EcoDiesel

    I know a few of us have the RAM or Jeep 3.0 EcoDiesel so I want to share, last month FCA US LLC officially switched from the MS-11106 5W30 oil standard to SAE 5W-40 Rotella Full Synthetic Engine Oil. The TSB (showing the procedure for changing out the oil on builds before June 30, 2016) is...
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    NOX-Sensor replaced - ow AdBlue warning light

    Last week the low AdBlue warning light came on and started it's countdown. Foolishly, I brought it to the dealership (wife's car and she needed it fixed quickly). The culprit; a faulty NOX-Sensor. And here's where it gets bad. $1152.53 to replace a NOX-Sensor. Part Number: 03L-907-807-AD...
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    Yokohama YK-580 tires

    Just purchased a set of Yokohama YK-580 tires (235/45-18), replacing the hankook tires. Wow, what a difference a set of tires can make. Knowing what I know now, I would not have waited until I had 40k on the hankooks. Great traction, handling and are so smooth and quite. Not saying these are...
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    Trying to troubleshoot a VNT actuator (with video)

    Trying to troubleshoot a VNT actuator (with video) Getting this code (17964 - Charge Pressure Control, P1556 - 35-10 - Negative Deviation – Intermittent) I pulled the vac line off the VNT actuator pot, and plugged in my mity-vac. Pulled...
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    2014 RAM EcoDiesel, so far very impressed

    Just picked up my 2014 RAM EcoDiesel this week, give me a few days and I'll give my first impressions, so far very impressed
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    VW recalling 150K Passats over headlight concerns

    VW recalling 150K Passats over headlight concerns
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    2 door Golf for 2014?

    Did VW stop selling the 2 door Golf for 2014? (Here is the States)
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    Jetta Winter Front for an A4

    Looking for a Jetta Winter Front for an A4
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    Free new air filter (B5.5 TDI)

    Free new air filter (B5.5 TDI) (just one) Local pickup is preferred (I live in Plano Texas). Shipping will be $8.50 unless you want to use your UPS or FedEx account. Jesse
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    temp sensor housing, I think I need a new one

    I broke part of the housing (flange) while installing a new temp sensor (2001 Jetta TDI). :( Anyone have any ideas on a solution? Replace the housing right? Anyone have a part number?
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    Free new air filter (B5.5 TDI)

    Cleaning out the garage I found an air filter for my B5.5 Passat I no longer own. I'd like to give this away locally if I can. (I live in Plano Texas). If I don't get any hits after a week I'll ship it. Jesse