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    FS: 2005 BEW- New York area

    Car is a 2005 volkswagen Jetta 5 speed manual with 174k miles. It is grey metallic. It has--RC3, Vnt17/22, 3bar map, PD130 injectors, Eurojet intercooler, 2.5inch buzzken exhaust (has a high flow cat and oxygen sensor, but all of it is tuned out), Wavetrac LSD, e-code headlights, 3 spoke vw...
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    Feeler: 2005 Jetta BEW

    Legitimate feeler, will look to sell car if there is interest. Thinking about buying a passat for the family. Details below: Car is a 2005 volkswagen 5 speed manual with 165k miles. It is grey metallic. It has--RC3, Vnt17/22, 3bar map, PD130 injectors, Eurojet intercooler, 2.5inch buzzken...
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    BEW PD Injectors 4

    For sale is a set of BEW injectors i pulled from my car. They worked perfectly fine before i took them out. I put in PD 130 injectors to replace them. They have 160k on them, and will need new seals if you install them outright. They moved to a can of diesel purge immediately after install, and...
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    17/22 trouble shooting

    i got a 17/22 from a member on the forums, just got RC3 and wanted to get some input. I have a pd150 intake, 2.5" exhaust, pd130 nozzles, pd150 TIP and MAF and 17/22 turbo. The car drives very fast but smokes at WOT in every gear. I have a boost gauge on that buzzes so i restricted the flow a...
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    help identifying a part 2005 PD tdi

    Can anybody let me know what the part is that the arrow is point to. Fuel temp sensor? If you have the part number handy, can you please provide it? along with the two hoses that connect to it?
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    Driver side tweeter speaker

    I wanted to see if anybody had some experience with the problem I'm facing. The passenger front tweeter speaker is making clicking noises. I swapped it out with another oem unit and the problem is still there. The head unit is an upgraded Kenwood, other than that everything is stock. The...
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    intercooler piping for BEW vnt 17/22

    For sale is is a 1.8t pancake pipe, a kerma turbo adapter (the kind that allows you to use non-clip pipes) and a S-pipe from SFS performance. This is the first half of what's needed to upgrade intercooler piping, the other being the upper intake pipe which can be had cheap. The turbo adapter is...
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    BEW stock turbo k039--30k miles

    For sale is the stock turbo off my BEW PD. I bought the car from the owner who put a new turbo on it before selling it to me. The unit has approximately 30k miles. Please see pictures, has no shaft play, though one side of the compressor blades have a few small nicks on them. I had a rocketchip...
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    17/22 on BEW tdi

    Hello, just looking for some input. I have a 2004 BEW with a PD 150 airbox, maf, turbo intake pipe, and a race pipe. EGR is deleted and have upgraded SMIC. I also have RC 1.5. Otherwise the car is stock. I swapped out the turbo today with a friend for a 17/22, and am a bi disappointed. I know...
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    FS: BEW MAF, Intake Manifold and ASV--2005

    As the description states, for sale is the following: BEW TDI MAF- $25 shipped. pictures below, worked just fine before removal, upgrade to PD 150 intake. BEW Intake Manifold Again, upgraded to PD 150, $50 shipped, nothing wrong with it, doesn't come with the vacuum actuator though for the...
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    FS: Monsoon Head Unit and Grom Audio

    I have for sale a double din Monsoon head unit from a 2005 (old body) jetta wit ha radio code. Was working just fine when i pulled it to install a kenwood receiver. $50 shipped. I also have for sale a Grom audio setup for bluebooth and factory hookup to the monsoon unit. It has an auxiliary...
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    Wtb vnt 17

    Like title says need a vnt 17 for a BEW Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    PD 150 intake gasket

    I had a quick question that i wasn't able to find through the search. I am upgrading to a PD 150 intake. I have a 2005 BEW, that has the 2 part intake which i will be removing. In order to replace the gasket next to the block with the 150 intake (1 piece) i need this gasket correct...
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    BEW vnt 17 turbo

    Before i get ranted on, i read the other vnt 17 post and i have a few different questions and didn't want to hijack that thread. My questions are the following: I have RC 1.5, eurojet SMIC, pd150 TIP, and Intake manifold with a race pipe. I plan on getting a vnt 17 and 3bar map. Do i need to...
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    PD 150 intake

    I am in the processing of diagnosing a leak on my ASV, and wanted to get some input from the members. I will be replacing my intake, currently have a PD TDI from 2005. I believe the intake is a PD 100, is there a chance the intake could be a PD 150, in the later years in the US? I will most...
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    2010 JSW-DSG Candy White

    2010 JSW-DSG Candy White-- Yonkers ny Up for sale is my Jetta Sportwagen. As the title says, the car is a 2010, in Candy white, with a DSG transmission, and leather interior. I have owned the car since new, and have a clear title in hand. Below is a breakdown of the vehicle. Located at...
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    failed FSD

    i think the passenger side shock failed. I uploaded pictures of the gap on the strut tower on the driver side and passenger side and the passenger side is way taller. I looked in the wheel well and it looks like oil everywhere. Anybody know if it might be a failed mount or bearing and how i can...
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    RC 1.5 tune

    I've been getting worse and worse fuel economy over the past couple of weeks and can't figure out what it is. I thought it might be a failing MAF so I figured I took some readings with VCDS. I'm posting here and not fuel economy because the specified MAF value is set at 1000mg/str. It doesn't...
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    brake cylinder failure?

    I have a 2010 jetta wagon with 41k on it. Since last week, there has been a bit of weird braking action on the car that I can't explain. I was wondering if anybody has had similar problems. I believe the dealership flushed the fluid at 30k, but i'm unsure. When I turn the car on, if I put the...
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    wheel bearing fail..

    Looking for some help to diagnose a potential problem. I overtorqued one of my bolts a week ago and was able to remove the wheel. Changed out the hub two days ago, and the wheel bearing, as well as the inner and outter CV joint. All on the passenger side. The bearing was bad, the hub had a worn...