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    cracked block or head?

    ok, so i bought this car that i prolly never should have(hind sights always 20/20)...its a 2003 jetta tdi, the coolant was filled with water only, i found this out when i got home. i live in colorado, also for some reason the heater core was bypassed (worry bout that later) i drained all...
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    lost rim center cap

    as stated, i recently lost one of my rim centercaps with the vw logo. this is for a 2004 vw jetta. anyone know where i can find a replacement....
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    steering wheel vibration at high speed

    this is a 04 jetta auto, i only get vibiration at about 60-80 mph, it seems to lessen after you drive for awhile. also on a side note my brakes pusle sometimes, but the harder i press the less they pulse if not stop all together, so i doubt the rotors are warped, plus it doesnt happen that...
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    psi power box

    finally after making sure all prior problems were resolved, a couple of minor codes (just got this car not to long ago), i got to put on my power box....i was very impressed, much more responsive, but i floored it getin on the highway and flew up to 80ish very quickly and boom i through a check...
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    cant post attachments

    under posting rules, it say "you may not post attachments", why is this???? is this related to # of posts, or lack of posts, if so how many posts are needed to allow attachments.
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    cold start trouble

    i have a 2001 beetle, it starts fine at 32f and above, around 25f it gets difficult, i have to pump the pedal, which seems to help(seems like it needs more fuel), at 20f and below it is almost impossable not to kill the battery which is new, glow plugs are are some logs of ip...
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    new bew glow plugs

    has anyone tried these, im wondering if they are the best of both worlds for those of us without ecu re-flash........
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    bew timing belt- a little trouble

    ok, so im doing my timing belt on my 2004 jetta pd, everything is going well. i have just got the cam lock in, first try, i just used a mirror. now for the problem, the crank lock, it is off just a little, what i mean is it doesnt sit totally flat/flush on the gear teeth, its cocked a little to...
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    04 pd jetta minor troubles

    nothing fatal, but this is a new car to me so i would like everything working properly. 1) when the lights are on, thie brites symbol (on the dash)doesnt go off all the way, when you turn on the brites, it gets brighter, but does really turn off (just fades a little), any suggestions? 2) cruise...
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    bhw parts work bew?

    what bhw parts would work bew? as the title states, im wondering what parts are interchangable...what parts would be upgrades???? i have searched this, didnt find any answers? i knkow the injectors would be good, but what about the turbo, head, intake, etc.....
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    200hp tdi- alh or pd

    wanting to purchase a jetta 5-speed very soon, wondering what i would be better off with build wise(200hp is just a round #, but close to it)??? if both vehicles checked out ok(will have them guru inspected), which would be more cost effective to build, and ultimately which routt would you...
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    10mm & 11mm ip

    is there a way to visually tell the difference between these two...i am considering buying one that was supposedly rebuilt, wanna make sure i am getting an 11mm ip.....thankyou
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    jetta 03 or 04

    i have the option to get a 03 or 04 jetta, i kinda torn right now, both pretty much the same 125k, gls, there a big difference in emission stuff.......which would you choose and why...thankyou for your time
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    new beetle- clock/temp display gauge

    anyone know where the sensor is located on the car, its a 2001, the clock works but the thermometer doesnt read anything, just a -. or anybody familiar with trouble shooting this.......thanks