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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    I was already planning on trading in my '09 JSW in about 8 days until this happened. If the value doesn't drop very much I may still go through with my plan. Does anyone know if California owners can even sell privately or trade in? Some articles have mentioned CARB and CA-DMV may not allow...
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    Feeler 2009 Jetta Sportwagen TDI

    Feeler: I'm looking to sell my 2009 Jetta Sportwagen, dark blue (not quite midnight blue) metalic, light grey leatherette interior, no sunroof. Great condition, 1st owner 105k miles in the east San Francisco bay area. Looking to get $11,000. Is this a good price?
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    DSG service

    Can anyone recommend a good shop in the San Freancisco Bay area for a 40,000 mile DSG service on a 2009 Sportwagen?
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    FEELER 2000 Jetta GLS TDI 96k Miles in SF Bay Area

    SOLD to a local enthusiest
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    FEELER 2000 Jetta GLS TDI 96k Miles in SF Bay Area

    I bought my 2000 Jetta GLS TDI February 2010 as a replacement to a car i was leasing and to become my daily driver for my long commute to work. Here is the posting for the car that I purchased from it's original owner Things...
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    'Craigslist '99 Jetta TDI GLS-possible deal

    found this while surfing craigslist. It's not mine nor do i have any affiliation. Looks like could be a good buy for someone. If i was allowed to have any more cars I would consider going to look at it, but don't want to temp myself.
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    2006 Jeep Liberty Sport CRD Diesel 4x4 4WD- lots of pics

    what is the towing capacity of this Jeep LIberty?
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    We made it home about 1pm today. It was a great Fest and wonderful drive home.
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    What fun stuff did you around in and around PDX?

    Went to OMSI rust was pretty cool, especially the submarine.
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    Who's here?

    just got back from the pool, any ideas or suggestions for dinner?
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    Who's here?

    I think I saw you car in the lot.. we are parked on the other side of the island from you.. blue graphite JSW
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    Who's here?

    Tanghisjuno and I (mrfeb14) arrived at 3:30pm... relaxing in the hotel now! Saw a couple tdiclub cars in the parking lot :)
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    Convoy to the Fest for Thursday?

    Tanghisjuno and I made it to the host hotel! Great drive except for the traffic getting thru portland to the hotel :mad: Can't wait to see everyone at the meet and greet tomorrow :)
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    For Sale: 2010 Golf 4D Shark Blue

    It appears to be a DSG from the pictures that are posted. This is the car I wanted but I decided not to take on a new carpayment and just bought the 2000 i have now... But i still drool over this one :)
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    Convoy to the Fest for Thursday?

    TanghisJuno and I plan to leave at 4am Thursday morning and drive straight through... Luckily we'll be sharing the driving. :) See you all there!
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    Push button ignition installed, pictures!

    any new updates or pictures on this project?
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    Push button ignition installed, pictures!

    hehe I love the symbol on your steering wheel! this should be a total kit upgrade :)
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    10k service at Sonnen in San Rafael, CA ?

    Definitely check the level.. Dirito Walnut Creek VW did the 10K on my friends '09 JSW and they used the right oil but over filled it!