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    I'm stumped - ALH with issues...

    In addition to the things already offered, check you coolant temp with VCDS once warm. I see thermostats fail open or partially open all the time keeping the engine too cool. Car needs to get above 80C and stay there or fuel economy really suffers. Should stay closer to 90C.
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    Valve stem height

    Not so sure VW provides reman specs such as this. If I were you I'd get ahold of Frank Irving (Franko6) and perhaps he'd share the spec and protocol he uses.
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    Valve stem height

    When valve contact was suspected I have always measured down from the valve cover surface to each valve tip. These measurements have yielded numbers that were within a couple thousandths of each other, though I don't recall the actual figure. Whenever I have found an outlier this way it has been...
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    GTC1444VZ in an ALH

    Thought so but wasn't sure. I have a GTC1549 on the shelf that is OE vacuum actuated. Rub87, do you know if there is a bottom mount 8V bottom-mount manifold available for the GTC 1549? Info if so? Holding on to the GTC as I think it will be perfect as a single when I drop a 1.9 TDI in my...
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    GTC1444VZ in an ALH

    Of course the ideal is to have the actuator shaft perpendicular to the VNT control lever at half travel. With your way less than ideal geometry I can see it being difficult to tune. Maybe time for a Whitbread style remote actuator set-up? Simple is almost always better IMO but with your axle...
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    GTC1444VZ in an ALH

    Cool, thanks for sharing your development process. To get full VNT travel out of the popular GTB (1756, 2056, 2260) turbos requires taking them apart and replacing the VNT control arm with a shorter VNT15/17 one. It is a little fiddly to do (some careful lay out and welding of the the arm)...
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    Max tune for ALH + 01m with manual trans nozzles

    LOL! Whatever, dude...
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    Ross-Tech Cable + ECU Flash?

    Not sure why no one has answered this directly, but the answer is NO, you cannot flash a tune file with VCDS (Vag Com). That is not what that cable and software do. If you want to tune yourself on the cheap, plenty of good advise already given in terms of cables and software,
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    Max tune for ALH + 01m with manual trans nozzles

    Hear hear. I know many of the vendors that frequent here, and aside from from a rare exception or two, all are great people that do honest work and contribute to this forum in complete and total good faith. I get a little tired of the unjustified vendor suspicion. I really don't think any of...
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    Max tune for ALH + 01m with manual trans nozzles

    A tune is not a performance part, it is a calibration. For nozzles in the stock range, even your manual nozzles, Malone stage 1 is about as strong a tune as you'll safely get. Just because stage 1.5 sounds like more than stage 1, you should not ignore the fact that stage 1.5 has a prerequisite...
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    move engine to install new DMF

    I'd forget all that and just drop the subframe with driver side lower control arm still attached. Naturally the dogbone and trans side mounts have to be removed (both bolt to trans) and the engine needs supported from above. Do that and the DSG drops right out. Done many and trying to work...
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    Race pipe with anti shutter

    Reversing the stock ASV logic would mean any control failure would kill the engine. Not the safest thing to have happen in traffic at speed. This was likely a design consideration when VW made the ASV normally open instead of normally closed. Just sayin'.
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    DLC 1019's

    TDIs are fuel throttled, very efficient and fuel consumption is very closely related to torque required to push the car down the road. Therefore the amount of fuel required to maintain X speed does not change much with a minor change in RPM that taller 5th gear yields. You do decrease friction...
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    And cut valve pockets or use other pistons.
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    New Cam choices

    Read the first line of MarkoP's post: "Turbo Johan" from Van Vught Tuning was kind enough to test A-B cam swap with a high horsepower setup from stock cam to "stage-2". That engine is far from stock and is able to take advantage of better cam profile much moreso than a stock engine could. OP...
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    Left hand threaded banjo (oil feed) M10

    I screwed one of those up years ago. Spend way too long trying to find a new banjo bolt and finally gave up. Instead of having one made, I drilled and retapped the CHRA for a common RH thread size.
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    New Cam choices

    The BEW cam failure is not guaranteed. Some fail early, some seem to last to very high mileage. If you have to change it, a stage 2 is a good choice for it's better geometry. The cam alone is not going to mean much as a power mod at all though. If yours looks that good, I'd leave it alone. The...
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    Installed pd150 intake manifold and TIP, lost turbo?

    Sure sounds like a badly leaking or broken EGR connecting pipe. Looks like soot on the TIP as well which would be further evidence. Leaking EGR system is a pre-turbine exhaust leak and would explain your symptoms.
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    N75 Question

    Nevada, there is zero reason to keep throwing parts at it and guessing on things like rod length. I would approach your issue in these steps: Inspect you vacuum hoses, if they are brittle, worn or otherwise damaged, replace them all. They don't last forever and any TDI deserves to have them...
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    flashzilla and q loader questions

    It should also be noted that once you restore the original file to a car the tuner is VIN locked to, it is then unlocked and can be used on another compatible car. Might seem a bit odd for a performance part to work that way, but if you priced the non VIN-locked dealer version against the...