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    Compare B4 standard turbo with a VNT turbo

    I am asking on this section because you folks are more likely to know. I am troubleshooting a friends newly aquired Golf PD 100 Tdi. It came with an overboost condition, so we replaced all the vacuum lines, MAF sensor, N75 and EGR valve and fitted a reconditioned turbo, which has generally...
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    PD engine oil priming

    I need to prime the oil feed line to the turbo on my VW Golf 1.9 TDI PD. Instructions say to disconnecting the injection pump shut off solenoid wire. Since it is a PD engine and does not have an injection pump, what do I disconnect to prevent the engine from starting?
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    Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation

    I am trying to solve a problem with a 2002 Golf 1.9 PD 100. It goes into limp mode during any trip, even when driven carefully. When I stop, the limp mode resets. I get the following fault code: 17965 - Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation P1557 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent...
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    Turbo oil return line

    This is a close up of my turbo oil return line, very corroded obviously. It is not leaking at present, but should I replace it? The problem is that it is very difficult to get at. Has anyone done this job with the engine installed?
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    Jumper A/C Compressor

    This is the connector on top of the A/C compressor, which i wish to jumper. I guess that the orange wire goes to positive and the green/black one to earth? Could someone confirm this?.. or is there a better way to do it?
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    Wishbone bush replacement

    I am just doing this job on my passat. I have removed the wishbone and replaced the bushes, but I am stuck at getting the rear back into position to bolt it through. Are there any tips or instructions on this job, as I cannot find any?
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    Front tyre wear

    I have noticed that although my tracking is spot on and wear is generally very even, that I get wear on the very inside of the right hand tyre (facing forward). It may be happening slightly on the left side too. Is this a known wear point for these cars or may there be a specific reason for...
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    Main beam solution

    Hi there, I have the twin headlights on my B4 with the H1 bulbs. I have been looking for a brighter main beam and have tried a 55 watt phillips extreme and and 80 watt ring sportsblue, neither of which are much good. I am thinking of a straight 100 watt bulb, but don't want to burn out the...
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    Replacing front strut mount bearing

    I am attempting to do this job without removing the strut. I tried this method, but the strut did not drop enough to get the bearing out or in. Then I tried this method, using spring compressors, but met the problem that the bilstein TCs are...
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    Central Locking

    I recently got this problem with the pump running on after unlocking the car. It doesn't run on after locking the car. Functionally, all the locks are working, except the hatch button will not push in while the pump is running. This prompted me to suspect the hatch mechanism, but I can't...
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    Window Problem

    Just recently my driver's side electric window stopped working, after working perfectly before. I cleaned the contacts in the switch, which mended it for a bit, but now it has ceased again. I get a buzzing noise from the motor area when operating the switch, otherwise nothing. Is anyone familiar...
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    Broken wheel bolt

    I just sheared off a front wheel bolt.:mad: Anyone know the procedure for removing the remains of the bolt? I cannot work out if the bolt is threaded directly into the hub or if there is a captive stud which can be punched out.
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    Engine running cooler?

    I just did a timing belt change for a friend on his 1Z golf, including oil seals, belts and an oil change. He reports that the engine is running cooler at 80deg C instead of the usual 90deg C according to the guage. Seems odd to me. Any ideas?
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    Can't get on this site.

    Sorry this is off topic, but I can hardly ever get on this site these days. I get "Address not found" 90% of the time. Anyone else experiencing this or know what is going on? Preferably PM me. Thanks.
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    Front wheel bearing

    I need a tool to fit a new front wheel bearing. I am in the UK and cannot find anything available at a reasonable price. I have seen posts referring to a tool from Harbour Freight and also this one on ebay...
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    Gearbox oil

    I bought some gearbox oil from the dealer and was given G 060 726 A2. There is nothing on the bottle to say it is G4 and I am suspicious that they might have given me the wrong one. It seems very thin. They advised me that I needed 2.5 litres. I know that is incorrect as it should be 2 litres...
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    Vibration diagnosis

    I just started getting this vibration noise which resonates with the engine at certain speeds. It goes away on a R/H bend. I checked all four wheels and found some play on the rear R/H bearing, but no noticable roughness. I had a go at tightening it but there was no adjustment in it. Both front...
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    B4V rear spring sag

    It seems to me that the rear of the car is sitting lower than it should. Measured from the bottom of the door line, there is a 1/2" drop at the rear compared to the front, when on level ground and unloaded, so I guess that the rear springs are not as long as they should be. I am about to...
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    Summer Tires for B4 Wagon

    I have put winter tyres on my stock rims and bought some alloys, size 15x6.5 40mm offset, which I intend for summer tyres. Stock rim winter tyre size is 185/65 14 The standard choice for the new rims would be 195/55 15 to keep the same diameter. Would the 195/55 15 be the optimum size for...
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    Wiring harness damage

    I have just been doing maintenance, replacing power steering and serpentine belts and tensioner. To regrease the tensioner arm, I removed the air box. Under this I found damage to the wiring harness. This was caused by the harness impingeing on the base of the airbox and also the airbox locating...