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    CEL P20E8 Adblue

    Putting this here for posterity and hopefully will save someone in the future. I'm at about 39K miles and got a check engine light, shows code P20E8 in VCDS and ODBII reader. After taking to the dealer they say I have a small hole in the line that runs from the adblue tank to the adblue...
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    backup cam stops while backing up

    I've had this happen a few times, I think it's when I go over 10mph in reverse. The camera turns dark, I believe its when I got 10+mph. It's nearly caused a wreck for me as I have a long driveway with high sides on it. Seems like a horrible "feature" to turn off the camera at high speed in...
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    Feb 20th GTG @Dubwerx

    Its official, Dubwerx is hosting our GTG on Feb 20th, at 8:00 to whenever we get kicked out. Dubwerks is being extremely gracious allowing us to use their space and associated tools and equipment (and heat!). Start at 8am, CinciTDI will provide lunch (pizza) around noonish and coolers with...
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    Mystery Part

    After performing an oil change this was laying on the ground near the middle of the engine bay on the drivers side. Never seen it before and wasn't touching anything on that side of the engine. This happened after I removed the skid plate. Written on the top are 6 RAY (the VW logo thing)...
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    Auction Winners

    A5 Bosal Tow Scott Davidson A4 Aspherical Mirrors-Hillside Imports Jason Perkins Funk Julie Storey Terminal Release tools-4130 Products Tom Salveta Navy Blue TDI Tom Walker VW Bottle opener-Fred (VW Derf) Lawson Earl...
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    Showing up early for the fest?

    If anyone is showing up early for the Fest and has nothing to the planners could use help stuffing welcome bags and other last minute tasks. Starting Thurs night some of us will be at the hotel and most of the morning Friday leading up to the official registration at 3.
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    TDI Fest Registration site quirks

    Unfortunately the google checkout module for OSCommerce has an annoying bug, we recently fixed the paypal module for a similar bug. The OSCommerce site does not recognize when google checkout processes an order so the two are not in sync, people are not showing as registered on the tdifest site...
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    power loss/smoke

    Yes I know the question has been asked 100 times, but unfortunately im stuck. 2002 Golf ~78k miles RC2 chip, Sprint 520s, VR6 Clutch just had a timing belt and clutch replaced by Jon Hamilton ( at ~76.5k Driving home from work yesterday everything was fine until get pull off off...
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    actual costs of bio vs oil based

    I was talking to someone about biodiesel vs diesel and he is confused (so am I) about the costs of producing bio. I am hoping that people much smarter then I can help sort this out. crude oil prices are at $32/bbl current soybean oil prices are at $0.20 per pound (roughly being $70/bbl) Just...
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    sunroof rattle

    I have a new 2002 Golf GLS TDI (500+ miles). After the first few days of driving I started to notice a rattle coming from the sunroof area, right behind my sunroof control . As I drive more I *think* its getting worse (unless its just annoying me more) before I run it into the dealer has...