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    Bro-Trip Report | Palo Duro Canyon | MKVI Golf | Scamp 13'

    I enjoyed Palo Duro so much back in Nov. that I had to get back ASAP. This time with my brother so we could really hit the trails on our bikes. This was a bit of a quick trip leaving Thursday after work and coming home on Sunday, but we managed 33 miles of mountain bike trails in the 2 days we...
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    Airlift 1000 Install DIY

    Completed the install of my Airlift 1000 kit this weekend. Installation- This DIY isn't hyper detailed and I left certain aspects vague on purpose in the video like air hose routing and where to install the schrader valve as there isn't really a "right" way to route the hoses or where to put...
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    Long Weekend in Santa Fe/Taos | ~1600 miles | MKVI Golf

    I decided to intro this trip report the day before leaving since I won't have time tomorrow until I update while on the road. I've had quite a few people over the years tell me how cool/weird/artsy/yummy Santa Fe is and I figured a long weekend would be a good way to get a taste of the...
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    Day Trip in the Twisties | Stage 2 MKVI Golf vs Mustang GT, Turbo Miata, and BRZ

    Went on a day drive in the Ozark Mountains with some friends to try and apex everything. Here is the route that doesn't include the drive to AR. maps by DerekG710, on Flickr It was great fun and considering there were only 4 vehicles there was a lot of variation. We were talking about all...
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    Quick trip in the MKVI for a day hike.

    Decided to go for a birthday hike last weekend in my favorite area in OK...the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. I found an old mine, cave, and waterfall. I think I did about 6.5miles over some pretty rough terrain, but I was definitely going slow and just enjoying the views. I made a quick...
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    MKVI Frost Heater Install DIY *Video*

    I recently installed a Frost Heater in my MKVI Golf and I could not seem to find a diy video of this for the MKVI. With winter in full swing I figured it would be a good time to post this for others that may be installing Frost Heaters this time of year. I want to preface this post by...
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    Contain flow owners- Where are you sourcing your Cimtek filters?

    I'm having a hard time locating the Cimtek 70025 1 micron fuel filters for the contain flow system....for a reasonable price. Amazon lists them for $100 plus shipping per filter. I've found 1 or 2 websites that either don't have them in stock, require you to buy them in bulk, high priced, or the...
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    Trip Report | Palo Duro Canyon | MKVI Golf and Scamp

    I've been wanting to make it out to Palo Duro Canyon State Park for about a year and half now and after reserving a site 6 months ago and then having to cancel and re-reserve 2 weeks ago because of some family obligations we finally made it lol We stayed 4 nights in the Sagebrush campground...
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    VW to pull out of the WRC

    Seems weird as they have utterly dominated the WRC for the last 4 years, but racing is expensive.
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    2 Quick Trips | Camping and COTA

    I wanted to do a quick write up of two weekend trips I did last month. First was to Austin for the Weathertech Lone Star Le Mans and WEC 6 Hours of COTA. It was 915 miles round trip with my brother and our gear. After hitting a headwind for the first couple hundred miles I decided I wasn't...
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    Trip Report | MKVI Golf and Scamp 13' - Colorado Bound

    It's time for another trip report with the Golf and Scamp! I'm going to try and do this one "live" as well since I had so much fun documenting the last few trips. :cool:I've found it to be quite a cathartic practice even if no one really cares lol I love to go back and read my past trip reports...
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    Oklahoma to South Carolina- Trip Log | MKVI Golf

    Decided to try another "live" trip log. This time without the Scamp, but with a roof box full of beach stuff and a back seat full of baby lol Had a lot of fun documenting the last trip out west.... This time we are heading east to Hilton...
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    2 states, 2 Campouts -Double Trip Report- | MKVI Golf + Scamp Content

    I decided to combine our last two camping trips in one trip report as they were both just short weekend trips. The first was at McGee Creek State Park in OK about 60 miles from my house. It's a small park in southeastern OK known for it's great fishing lake. I'm no fisherman so we were there...
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    Long Term Test- Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

    I've decided document my experience over the next 20k-50k miles with Michelin's new (revised) Pilot Sport A/S 3+ on my 2013 4-door Golf TDI. I've noticed that a lot of TDI drivers are interested the the UHP All-Season category (I know I am) because they want to take advantage of the nice...
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    MKVI shift throw comparison | Diesel Geek Sigma 6 vs Stock *video

    Made a quick video showing the difference in shifter throw between the DG SS and stock for anyone that's interested.
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    Let's see your roof mounted cargo boxes!

    I'm in the market for a new cargo box for my 4-door Golf. My current pick is the Yakima Rocket Box 14. I like the fact that it's wide and not terribly long. I'm not really interested in a box that is so long that it will hang 3 feet in front of my windshield and look odd on a small hatchback...
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    Finished my exhaust- *Pics & Video*

    I finally have my exhaust set up the way I want it and I love the sound. Everything from the turbo back is Rawtek. I'm running their Cortek resonator, catless mid-pipe, and straight through axle-back. Other than that and Malone stg II the car is stock. The sound is exactly what I was hoping...
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    330 mile round trip for a day hike- MKVI content

    Decided to make a quick run to the Wichita Mountains (Old range in SW Oklahoma) on Saturday for a hike. I've been driving the winter car (1991 535i/5) to work since my commute is 4 miles and I was getting antsy to get the TDI out of the garage put some miles on it. Hiked about 7 miles and saw...
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    Will the 2-piece DPF/cat from a '13 Golf fit an '09 Jetta?

    I have a buyer interested in my slightly used dpf and cat. He has an 09 jetta and I just wanted to make sure that my 2-piece setup would fit his car. Thanks
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    Weekend state park visit - MKVI Golf + Scamp 13'

    Taking our 3mo old on his first real campout. The state park is about 100 miles one-way from our house and we just arrived and got our campsite organized a bit. Should be a good weekend enjoying the smell of pine trees. We'll do some hiking tomorrow morning to test out the new baby front...