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    Buying a high mileage TDI

    After nearly giving up the hope, my wife finally got pregnant the natural way after several unsuccessful IVF-treatments, and we got a son that is now 4 months old. Therefore our Lupo has become way to small for us, and I have begun looking for a bigger car, which must be a TDI (or some other...
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    Trouble shooting procedure instrument cluster

    My instrument cluster has gone haywire. Pre history: I had to loosen the dashboard to change my heater to one with A/C. Therefore I also removed the instrument cluster and the steering wheel. I am sure that at least the steering wheel was removed while the battery was disconnected. I also...
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    Installing A/C

    Do I need to make the ECU aware that A/C is now fitted? Is the Radiator fan controlled by the ECU?
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    Fitting Air Condition from Polo 6N2 in Lupo 6E

    I've just bought a complete A/C from a rear-end-crashed Polo 1.4 gasser, which I will install in my Lupo 1.2 TDI 3L. The A/C is of the simple on/off type, but still comes with a lot of wiring and some sort of control box (according to the seller, I haven't received it yet) We are not talking...
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    1.6 TD Pump dead - can I use non TD pump?

    1.6 TD Pump dead - can I use non TD pump? Can I transfer the "boost bell" to the non TD pump? What could have caused the pump to die? The first pump died too, and my mechanic blamed it on the veggie fuel that I occasionally used. Now this pump (well I changed the whole engine with one from...
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    Info needed for (3 cyl) Pumpe-Düse engines

    Can anyone point me to info about the working ways of the (3 cyl) Pumpe-Düse engines ? I really need to get to know my car's engine, because the service costs are killing me. Danish would be perfect, English ok, and I can also spell my way through German.
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    Sudden total power loss - please help.

    I was cruising fast at 3000 rpm, and eased of the gas. When I pushed the pedal again, the car had nearly no power. No lights went on, and there was no lack of water or oil. The engine didn't have any strange noises and could be started without problems, it just doesn't rev to more than 1500...
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    No turbo boost on 1,6 TD

    The injector pump gave up on my otherwise very fine running Golf 1,6 TD, so I installed my other engine, which has only run 20000 miles since it got an overhauled shortblock and new head and overhauled injectors. I took the turbo from the engine with the bad pump, because I destroyed the...