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    rear view camera

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket rear view or back up camera on their JSW without changing the original radio (with no screen connection). Planning on getting the fix but I would like to have better rear view too. I see possible stuff on Ebay etc but if there are folks with experience I...
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    Where to get Gen 1 fix done.

    Having just heard that the Gen 1 fix is approved, I would like to get my 2012 JSW MT6 fixed soon. I do all my own work on my car and my wife's 2000 NB TDI so there is no dealer I have experience of. My first 3 oil changes on the JSW were done at the dealer Flow in Winston Salem. Looking...
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    Old spare ???

    Just had to fix a flat on the wife's 2000 Beetle. I was told by the tire store that the spare is too old to use. Its a Michelin in perfect like new condition, never been used before and still has colored lines on the tread but it was made in 1999, according to the sidewall markings. I...
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    Is your car online ?

    I came across this article and find it a little worrisome. An invasion of privacy ??
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    Tire wear

    On my 2012 6M sportwagen, I got about 35K miles on the factory original tires which were Hankook 205-55-16s. I replaced them with Michelin Defenders, same size, which were rated at 90K miles. I now have 68K miles on the car and the tires are almost at the wear marks with 1/8" or less...
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    could a 1.8TSI GSW manual be chipped?

    I understand the gas 1.8 TSI GSW MT although it has higher HP than the tdi JSW has less torque which is noticed on hills and in the mountains. Does anyone make an ECU chip which helps the torque a good bit??
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    HVAC code question

    I recently did a VCDS autoscan on my 2012 JSW The code that came up is B108F 71 (008) which has something to do with a temperature flap. Is this the same as a P2015 code ?? If not, what causes it and what is the fix ?? Thanks !
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    Injector pump leaks

    I have been noticing slight signs of an injector pump seal leaking on my wife's 2000 NB, not bad but persistent and probably both the two top seals. Car has 170k. I have seen articles on replacing them and having to reset the fuel quantity adjustment after moving the top cover. A few...
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    Need radio for 2000 beetle

    My wife's 2000 Beetle radio ( not Monsoon) is in bad shape and I want to replace it. Plastic keeps falling apart. It is DIN 1, Pt no 1co 035 180 e She has had this car for 12 years and will not let me replace it with something newer. 168k, 5 speed, good condition and drives well...
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    BBC VW Diesel program

    This is a BBC TV Panorama program that has recently been aired in UK. It is not easy to watch in USA but if you have a vpn or something similar or perhaps use Mediahint or something similar it is possible. It will probably appear on Youtube very soon. It shows cars being tested in the Czech...
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    Questions re NB alternator??

    My wife's beloved car is a 2000 ALH beetle with 5 sp, 168k miles and she has had is for 12 years. Engine runs beautifully and car drives wonderfully. However I am concerned about the alternator. When I crank it up first time in the day, the red battery light stays on. Rev engine up...
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    Glow plug CEL

    Thanks for the help with my wife's 2000 Beetle lock !! I now have an ongoing problem with glow plug CEL She has had this car for 12 years and I estimate that for a least 11 she has had the check engine light on because of the glow plug cable. I have turned it off with VCDS 20 times at least...
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    2000 Beetle lock problem

    My wifes car is a 2000 tdi beetle. She loves it and has had it for 12 years. 165k miles. I have replaced the clutch as the throw out bearing went bad and the a/c fans and compressor have been replaced. Other than that it has been very reliable. Recently the key has given problems and...
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    Another dead battery

    Last Friday the battery in my 2012 JSW died. Temps went down to -7 F which is pretty rare where we live (NC). Earlier in the week the car had started instantly in temps in the low teens. Friday however, when I got in the car, no lights came on, nothing when the key was inserted, no sound...
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    Must be VW's best kept secret

    Looking for a fuse diagram for my 2012 JSW with MT (US version) The closest I can find is a 2010 UK GTD diagram but I'm not sure how close it is to being the same. Surely there must be a way to get such useful, helpful information. No, its not in the manual.
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    JSW tailgate interior trim

    I have a 2012 JSW which runs fine, no problems. I would however like to add a backup camera as I find visibility backing up in parking lots a bit tricky at times. I have the wrong radio to fit the OEM camera so I am looking to fit an aftermarket camera (Pyle or similar). I'm not sure yet...
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    backup camera for jsw with wrong radio

    Has anyone installed a back up camera and used an add on screen? My 2012 JSW has RCD 510 which I basically want to keep. I understand it has no hook up for a camera. I also use a Tomtom GPS which as no hook up either. Any experiences? Any good diy setups? Thanks.
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    mpg readout

    Why does the mpg readout on my 2012 JSW dash have a small "2" in the upper right screen. It seems like it did not before I used my new vcds cable. Did I change something inadvertently ? Can it be changed back ? Thanks
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    Question re VCDS and laptops

    I have a genuine VCDS cable KEY-USB which I have used for several years though infrequently on my Wife's NB and an earlier 2003 ALH Golf. I now have a 2012 JSW and it does not work. I understand that I can trade this cable in along with a good size payment for a later model which will...
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    automatic windshield wipers ?

    I have just returned from UK where I drove a diesel Renault Captur for 2 weeks. My wife really liked the windshield wipers that had an auto position and they stopped and started, changed speed etc. according to the rainfall amount. A friend with a 2013 TDI Tiguan said his were the same...