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    Snow Tires + Wheels 2012+ NMS Passat / Genuine VW

    Snow Tires and Wheels for 2012+ NMS Passat / Genuine VW VW OEM steel wheels (from VW, not aftermarket) and four Continental Wintercontact SI studless snow and ice tires. Tires made in Germany, very good (80%+) only two seasons on them. $400 Located in Asheville, NC Size is 215/60R16 These...
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    New TOP TIER diesel fuel branding coming out So as you all know their is has for a while been a top tier marketing and standard for gas. Gas must meet a higher standard for improved deposit control, cleaning ability, chain of delivery, etc. There is a new TopTier certification for Diesel that's rolling out...
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    Doing buyback? Good tires? I can use them! Asheville +/- 120 miles

    My stock tires are looking weak. If you have good tires/wheels don't let them go to crusher! I'll come to you and swap on your good tires for my worn (not dangerous) tires before your turn in date. Asheville but willing to travel reasonable distance, one or two hours. If you're doing buyback...
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    Need your good tires. Anyone doing buyback near Asheville?

    Need your good tires. Doing buyback near Asheville, NC? I could use your tires/wheels 2014 Passat here. OEM tires going quick. Anyone doing a buyback not far from Asheville want to let me swap on your good tires/wheels before you turn in your car?
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    Is KBB stupid?

    Is Kelly Blue Book stupid? Trying to figure out some business taxy stuff. Went to kbb to do a "what's my value" It's telling me my 2014 (3-4yo) passat TDI SE with a manual and 28000 miles is worth between 18.7 (lowest condition) and 21.2K (excellent shape) And of course I'm like, uh, it was...
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    Will any old hub cap work on OEM steel wheels?

    Have the 16" VW steel wheels Will they work with any off the shelf cap? Or are they somehow made weird so only VW covers will secure?
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    How come many states eager to get $$ from VW aren't eager to adjust taxes on vehicle?

    Having a hard time understanding this. Seems like many states and gov't entities are drooling at shafting VW and the billions of dollars. They're quick to demand cash for all the owners reduced values and harm. Yet at the same time when it comes to paying registration & property taxes, are not...
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    If my business sells car to my personal self ... Buyback?

    My Passat is owned by my corporation. If the corporation sells the car to me, will I qualify for buyback? No nothing shady. Whatever car is worth it's sold to me at a FMV
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    When summer blend?

    So I filled up end of December. Unfortunately due to some excessive driving I had to add some diesel a couple days ago, so I got five gallons. Scared to buy too much (fill up) as I don't want a bunch of winter diesel in Spring. As my location days, Western North Carolina
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    Uphill Ice Traction vs Acura SH-AWD

    Debating ice tires or studs. Will the VW do better on slick uphill ice than my Acura with SH-AWD? Given equal tires on each? Tires would be a bit cheaper for the VW. Do ours have limited slip differentials? SE manual.
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    How important was "green/clean" when you bought your TDI CR?

    All the other threads seem to have an equal number posting of "I didn't give a rat's behind about emissions, I bought for MPG and power, and I suspect most others did as well!" "I bought it because VW said it was clean!! I suspect most others did as well!!" So this IS NOT a place to discuss...
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    Dealer tells me if I refuse Smog update, no more warranty work

    After scheduling appt with dealer for 23N5 (trying to get before winter, and before a EPA NOx update is released) Dealer explained "yes, this is a service action. No one knows for sure but if a new update comes out to address the NOx issue and it is a recall (rather than a service action) VW...
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    Anyone potential Passat buyers discouraged by Dieselgeddon?

    Just curious if there's anyone here who was researching TDI's and decided against VW (or TDI) due to Dieselgeddon? Only looking for comments from potential buyers perspective on how this has affected your decisions and thoughts. Please keep all general discussion of incident in the master...
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    2 senior VW executives to skip Passat event

    WASHINGTON -- Two senior Volkswagen executives cancelled a planned appearance at a media event scheduled today to introduce the re-engineered 2016 Volkswagen Passat midsize sedan. Herbert Diess, chairman of the Volkswagen brand’s management board, and Heinz-Jakob Neusser, VW’s board member in...
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    Best To Downshift, or Ride Brakes Downhill?

    When cold. House up hill. This question only applies to cold engine. Its a warm up question. To avoid riding brakes a lot I must drop to first gear (manual) and on way down hit 3500-4000 RPM. While in 2nd I might not literally RIDE the brakes -- its a lot lot lot of brake. Almost might as...
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    Fuel Gelatinificated Up on me last night

    Sitting in the house and smell diesel, furnace cuts out ... Went out to the furnace and opened the bleed valve and nothing. This was diesel from the local fuel station - same as one pumps in a car. Fresh too as I go down there and grab a five gallon'r or two every week and add to my home...
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    Things you can rearrange Passat on trunk to say

    While talking of debadging Some here have mentioned taking off the P and the AT and leaving just "ASS" on the trunk. Got me thinking we could also rearrange to spell ASSPAT ASSTAP TAPASS What combos can you think of? Little brain game :) Guess we could just use some letters - SPAT, etc.
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    Why does the clutch pedal have a little rubber dongle/flap on the left side?

    Anyone ever notice the pad on the clutch pedal isn't just a pad, but on the left it has a little flap of rubber hanging there. Anyone know the technical name for that? And what its purpose is?
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    Volkswagen China Sales Lag 10 Percent Due to Capacity Limits

    "Volkswagen AG's growth in China is expected to slow to about 10 percent this year from 16 percent in 2013 due to a conservative strategy that has limited its production capacity, VW China chief Jochem Heizmann told Reuters right before the Guangzhou auto show." ..... And for the remainder of...
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    Cruise decrease button sometimes increases?

    Anyone else see this? It just seems to happen every now and then. At which point I start to wonder if maybe I hit the wrong side by mistake. Then I try to really pay attention. Then it happens when I'm not paying attention. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen. Doesn't feel like...