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    BHW short block limits

    Before anyone says it, i've searched. Repeatedly. Tough to get definitive answers. What are the accepted limits of BHW main shortblock components? Block Crank Rods Pistons I'm building a BHW to "play around with" and need to know what hardware will be a problem as i develop the engine...
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    Bentley manuals with TDI info

    An odd question, but don't know where else to ask it. In USA/North America, you can buy a Bentley manual with factory service info for vehicles sold in NA. It will usually include TDI info. On vehicles sold in North America but TDI not sold here, but available overseas, there's no info...
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    A4 B6 TDI conversion - BEW vs BHW

    I am considering TDI swapping a B6 Audi. I have a BEW in a parts car right now. I have a line on a BHW. What makes the most sense? Putting the money i would put into a parts car towards the needed parts for the BEW swap, or just buy the BHW and be done with it? I'm not so concerned with the...
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    What to keep when parting with a swap in mind?

    I'm retiring my 2005 Golf with BEW engine. I'm parting the car out and keeping the engine for a future swap into my Audi A4. What parts would be valuable to keep for the swap? Engine obviously. Harness ECU What else is handy to keep?
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    05 Golf BEW with warmup ONLY misfire

    Searched and didn't find anything really close. 05 BEW Golf EGR deleted 30K miles ago VNT1749VA 30K ago Lift pump 30K ago Stock tunes original MAF 250K miles Checked cam 30K ago, and still looked fine. Have noticed that start time has extended. I park on a bit of a hill nose up. Start times...
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    05 Golf wipers are intermittently stopping

    My wipers on my Golf are occasionally stopping in mid-stroke. I think it might be a circuit breaker or something tripping off due to current. If the wipers are on high / low, they trip out often. Just stop in the middle of the stroke, and turn back on a few seconds later. If it's set to...
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    Anyone got part numbers for intercooler clips?

    I lost one of the clips for the boost outlet tube on my BEW. Its the inlet to the pancake pipe. I think it might be the same size as the turbo outlet. ID parts has some clips, but don't give the sizes. HELP?
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    BEW won't start without pulling inlet tube

    I have an 05 BEW Golf. Was cruising to work last week and on highway started to accelerate. Suddenly lost all power and coasted to stop. Didn't see a cloud of smoke and the engine just had no power. Stopped and wouldn't idle. Towed it home and diagnosed a bad lift pump. It had 214K miles...
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    That fricking BEW engine mount bracket!!!!

    How the flipping heck does that engine bracket that bolts to the block go back in over the timing belt? I've tried it 6 ways from sunday and can't get it back on. I removed it because it was just in the way too much to finagle the timing belt back on. Now nothing I do seems to be able to get...
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    1Z into B5/B6 A4 Audi? Possible?

    Hey there. I've got a very nice rebuilt 1Z engine out of a B4V Passat, and I am scrapping the rest of it due to old age and rust. I'd like to get a low miles clean Audi Quattro and swap the TDI in. A little more fitting of my social status than my tiny little Golf. I know there's some...
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    B5 or B5.5 wagon with TDI/manual swap

    Ok, looking for some comments here: My wife and I currently own a B4 TDI wagon, and are thinking of upgrading to something more modern with less little stupid problems like doors that don't stay shut in the cold. I currently drive a Golf IV TDI and really like the interior and looks. We...
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    B4 Turbo upgrade / Performance rebuild

    Hello, as I noted in another thread over at the B4 General forum, recently our B4 Wagon suffered a catastrophic turbo failure and runaway that lunched the engine. I'm still in the process of tearing the motor down to see how bad it is, but judging by the runaway and how much oil I pulled out of...
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    Engine out of 96 B4 Wagon - WWYD? Perf mods too..

    I just yanked the engine out of my B4 TDI wagon, it's getting a rebuild (engine runaway broke engine really well). Now that I have it out, what should I do while I have everything exposed? Some things I had thought to do: 1. Power wash engine compartment 2. Remove all flaky rust and POR-15...
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    FS: 96 Passat TDI exhaust catalyst

    For sale: 96 Passat TDI catalyst. The one right behind the turbo. Has sensor bungs on both ends, but could be plugged and used on a 97 as well. Might fit other cars, don't know. Before any eco-****'s send me hatemail, this is the one remaining good component on a badly damaged downpipe...
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    96 Passat window goes up very slowly....

    I have a 96 Passat that's got a drivers window that rolls down fine, but rolls up very very slowly. No clicking, and it's smooth and on track, but just really slow. I usually help it by pulling up on the window until the very top. Any ideas before I tear into it?
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    Source for tranny parts?

    Does anyone have a good source for a 1-2 synchronizer hub for a 02A tranny? So far, I've found the dealer cost is $275, which is ridiculous for a 2lb hunk of steel.