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    No start troubles

    Looked through the no start 101 section. Cars a 99 golf. Just got it yesterday. Has a no start. Long story short, guy I bought it from bought it non running. Don’t know what happened to initiate the no start. Have receipt from time belt done about 13k miles ago. So it obviously ran after tb...
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    Low temp gauge and Luke warm heat.

    As the title says, my cars temp gauge doesn't get above maybe quarter the way up. Not even when it's in the 60°s. It does have heat to keep windows defrosted and such. But it rarely ever gets past the first few lines on the gauge. I've recently did a new thermostat and complete coolant flush...
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    Hatch interchangable

    I tried searching like always, and still haven't been able to get the search to work on this dang phone. Anyways, my gfs golf needs a hatch. I found one at a local junkyard. But it's on a gti. Her cars an 01. The GTI is an 02. Visually they look identical. My question is, will the GTI hatch fit...
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    AC not working

    For the life of me, I can't get the search to work. Or I wouldn't be asking for help. Anyways, last year my ac had stopped working. It was basically the last hot day we had. So I figured I'd look into it later. Well long story short, it's time to fix it. The rad fans do not come on unless the...
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    Trans problem

    Yesterday the family and i drove from the East side of Michigan to the west side by grand rapids. In 5th with cruise on the whole way. Got off and was very hard to change gears. Went to leave last night and it acted like I had the breaks on and bogged down and stalled. Then noticed it did that...
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    Alh turbo on mk1 1.6 n/a

    I've been restoring an mk1 rabbit I picked up a few months ago. It's an n/a 1.6 I've also got an extra vnt15 laying around. Now im almost positive it will bolt up. But does anyone have any idea on how to make the wastegate function properly? I'm well aware of the engine not being able to handle...
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    Turbo failure?

    So we have a 2001 golf TDI. Today while my gf was getting on the eway, she heard a loud poof and had no more good acceleration and had crazy amounts of smoke. I noticed the lower charge pipe had fallen off and souaked the underside in oil oil I assumed was from the intercooler. Reconnected the...
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    Mk1 rabbit

    Anyone know of a good forum for the mk1 rabbit. Just picked up an 82 n/a diesel rabbit the other day. And am looking to learn more about it
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    Window clip?

    Yesterday my ol lady's driver window fell into the door. Window motor still fully works. We noticed the white clips inside on the track are broke. Does anyone know what these are called or have a part number? It's an 01 golf
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    Wtb mk4 golf complete hatch in Michigan

    Looking for one in good shape/ rust free. Willing to pick up anywhere in the lower peninsula
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    Throwout bearing replacement

    Hey all. For the last few weeks I've had a grinding feeling in the clutch pedal. Only when the clutch is pressed. Tonight on my way home at a light, it started squealing. Similar to a slipping belt. It continued the squealing with every shift all the way home. The last mile or so it still had...
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    Bad CV joint or trans

    I just got back from a cross state trip. All was going g good up till the last few miles. I noticed a slight clunking. Didn't investigate as it was Thanksgiving. Took it easy on the way back. The noise was gone for the first hr or so. While the family was sleeping and the radio was off, I...
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    Moderate boost, low power, no whistle

    I tried the search button, but it disappears before I can type. I got this car about a month ago. (2001 Jetta TDI) had zero boost when I got it. Changed all vacuum hoses with oem replacement hoses. That fixed the lack of boost. Then got over boost code. Adjusted the actuator and all was good...