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    Vagcom Source for 96 B4V

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to get a Vagcom setup for my 96 B4V. The cables are discontinued at the Ross-Tech site. Can I buy a cable from another source and buy the software from Ross-Tech? If so, what is a recommended source for the cable? Also, it appears that the Vagcom locater map...
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    96 B4V Missing When Cold, Corresponding Noise Under Dash

    I've had a number of B4 Passats over the year and just bought my first B4V. Very excited to do some Mexico camping in the next week or so. It has an interesting issue that I'm hoping someone might have seen/heard before. When starting cold, it will start right up but then sound like it's...
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    B4 Smoking

    I've done a lot of research on this problem and haven't found symptoms similar to mine. I have a 97 Passat that I run with biodiesel that developed a noticeable turbo whine and smoking problem after a long drive where I pushed it harder than usual. I pulled the turbo and found that it was...
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    WTB - Turbo for 97 Passat

    Mine's going out. Anyone have a good used turbo for a B4?