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    dsg issue

    06 jetta brm dsg 283k miles, during trip from Beaufort SC to Fort Worth Tx trans would not shift into 6th in drive mode flip into manual mode up and down no prob very crisp and sure, after park it shifts perfectly. I plugged in vcds and no codes check temp running at 85c after 250 or so miles...
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    04 will not start

    Hello Folks, I recently replaced the engine in my 04 B5 with another from a salvage yard. When the motor was installed but before assembling the rest of the car I purged the air from the fuel system through the glow plugs according to a post I read only got fuel from #4, installed the glow plugs...
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    VAG-COM scan

    Anyone around Aiken SC or Augusta GA able to do a scan on my 06 jetta. The CEL came on yesterday with the wife driving, all seems OK just need to find out whats up.
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    Aiken or Augusta

    Hey Folks is there anybody from or in the Aiken/Augusta area that frequents this site.