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    Long crank time after sitting 2-3 days, ALH

    My 2003 Beetle TDI takes long time to start and run smoothly after sitting for 2-3 days. Fuel hoses good. No lift pump due to being 2003 model. Am I correct thinking the fuel is draining back thru filter? Possibly the Thermo-T Valve? Is this also a 1 way check valve? Should I add add...
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    Where is Dif. fill (VSS sensor) on 03 Beetle TDI with 01M Trans?

    Would someone please post or direct us to a link with photos of the location on the drivers side of engine of the VSS? We need to evacuate and refill the Dif with new fluid (3/4 qt.) We had the A/F housing removed and could see several items , but was not sure which one was the VSS. There...
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    Need to Bleed return line on my ALH

    We plan to replace the 2 copper crush washers on the return line Banjo fitting. Loosen and remove the fitting and replace the washers only. Due to the line and IP end being open, is there a need to bleed the IP thru the return line when complete or will the return line pas the air w/o any...
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    Info needed on a ALH Inj. Pump Fuel Shutoff Solenoid & Crush Washer size

    Need the (3) crush washer size ID for the return line Banjo Bolt and the thread size of the Fuel shut off solenoid stud where the electrical wire attaches so we and purchase new ones. Lost the original.
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    Running well, then slowed and stopped.

    2003 VW Beetle TDI (ALH) with A/T. Bought this as non running car after sitting for 2 years. Prior owner replaced upper and lower O-Rings in the IP (pump), but did not bleed it and lost interest since would not start. Car had 1/2 tank fuel at time. Changed the fuel filter, air filter, oil...