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    Sunroof Draining Guide-NMS Passat

    Is this preventative/maintenance or a procedure to fix a faulty sunroof? So far so good with mine, but I'd like to keep it that way.
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    2015 Passat Timing belt change CVCA

    Anyone know how similar the DIY on the other TDI site is for the CVCA? (Am I allowed to link it here?) The three part walkthrough looks thorough enough, but is written for the CJAA & CBEA. Thanks for any input!
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    2015 bucking HARD under slow acceleration in 1st/2nd gear.

    If anyone ever winds up here via search, it turned out to be a bad lift pump sensor. Dealership replaced it under warranty, but it looks like it was an hour of labor and a $35 part.
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    Adding a chip to a 2015 Passat TDI better mileage

    I just googled, but can't find any info... what is the "foot mod?" Is that the removal of the torque limiter via VCDS?
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    2015 bucking HARD under slow acceleration in 1st/2nd gear.

    After a month of diagnosis, I've noticed the hard bucking really only occurs under heavier acceleration/uphill. Lesser bucking has now even occured in 6th gear on the interstate, in spurts of two or three. But when she's under load, it bucks hard, like I'm hitting the brakes. I've driven...
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    rear view mirror

    Sorry, 2015 Passat NMS
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    rear view mirror

    Bit of a threadjack, but I recently had my windshield replaced and the tech couldn't seem to get the plastic cover over the rear view mirror mount to reconnect completely (the part that covers the "arm" of the mirror, to where it meets the windshield). It's technically on, but it's easy to see...
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    Tracking a buyback car possible?

    If you know the VIN, you might be able to track it with CARFAX. I recently purchased a 2015 Passat and can see exactly when and where the fix was applied, and when it was subsequently sold at auction.
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    Race Chip or other piggyback tune?

    Awesome, I was not aware of the Flashzilla, that allows for a flash-from-home! I'm a little confused about the stages though. There does not appear to be a Stage 1/Flashzilla combo for sale; is this why you've recommended Stage 2? I feel like that's overkill for this chassis, especially if...
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    Race Chip or other piggyback tune?

    Haven't found much regarding this, but after a couple of weeks in my '15 Passat, I'm feeling like the fix has definitely impacted performance. I'm not used to driving a car this large (and haven't touched a DSG in over ten years) but can't imagine VW releasing a car that performs like this...
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    Brake pad upgrade?

    Recently picked up a 2015 Passat, which - after driving much smaller cars all my life - took some self-convincing. Even though it's not a manual (which is also a big departure for me) the Sport mode and the pull from the CKRA should keep me happy. However, coming from a BBK on my last car, the...
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    Help with installing new fogs with DRL kit (NMS)

    I'm back into a TDI after a two year break and grabbed a Passat SE last week! Loving the car, but I've already got the mod bug and have never worked with lighting or much electrical. I'd really like to install this LED DRL kit, but to do it right, would also need to install the fog lights and...
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    Notary not required, but documents rejected due to no notary...

    Pretty much my case, but I wasn't advised to wait. A specialist told me to upload AGAIN, but to leave the notary page blank. I'm still waiting to see if this is also rejected, uploaded 12/5. This speaks volumes about the process: we follow written instructions verbatim, and *VW* screws up the...
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    Phone call 12/1 with Alex Larrabee, Plaintiff Counsel

    When you receive the settlement packet (the 7 page email that needs to be notarized) page 4 deals with confirming or changing your option. You then also confirm or change on the website when you upload the 7 pages. The PROBLEM is, no one that I've seen has been able to have this change...
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    I followed VW's directions to a T and my offer letter was rejected.

    Great. This is what I did to "fix" the first submission. So now I'm waiting on just another rejection email... :mad:
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    I followed VW's directions to a T and my offer letter was rejected.

    I love my car and I initially wanted to keep it. VW promised a decision could be changed at any time, so I played it safe back in September, but a lot has changed since then. Coincidentally, just a week after signing-up for the Fix, my headliner began to sag and VWoA rejected my request for...
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    I followed VW's directions to a T and my offer letter was rejected.

    VW botched my change from Emissions Fix to Buyback that I made in October, (once I finalized my registration on the portal) and still managed to email me a final offer including the Fix. But they've made it possible to change your settlement at any time, right? :o Bottom of page 4 of the...
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    Switching from emissions fix to buy back

    EXACT same situation here. VW has lied to me about why the change didn't stick back in October, and now it's becoming obvious that the planned ability to change this mid-process is not working as they'd expected.