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    Car won't start, won't jump, "Error: ESP"

    I have a '12 TDI SE. The other day I went to start the car in the morning for my commute to work: car won't start, acts like it's low on batteries. I needed to get to work so I just decided to try jump start it. It takes 3 tries, but it worked. Off I went on my roughly 1 hour/18 mile...
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    Hazy film on interior of windshield?

    This is a minor issue I've had since Day 1 with my Passat TDI SE: there is a buildup of some sort of oily(?) film on the interior of my windshield. This is barely noticeable and in fact I only notice it on sunny days (rare in Seattle haha). Every time I wipe it away with a cloth it...
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    Automatic trunk opening?

    Is the trunk on the Passat supposed to open up all the way when you pull the switch on the door or hold down the trunk button on the remote all the time? My trunk only fully swings up fully sometimes, other times it only opens up a couple of inches. More often than not it does not fully open...