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    Next Race - Bremerton, WA on April 25th

    Hope to see some of you there! There was a nice showing of TDI's at the last race in Portland. I'm going to try to break even deeper into the 15's... Wish me luck!:) Let me know if you need directions.:)
  2. J

    First Race Of The Season, March 21st - Portland International Raceway

    The 2009 NHRDA Division 1 Diesel Drag Race Series is kicking off on March 21st at PIR. Anyone else want to come out to play? It's a heckuva lot more fun when I'm not the only TDI there...:o
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    Thank You!!

    I just wanted to thank Rich and Marcell at Fixum-haus for hosting such a great GTG. We had a great time meeting lots of new people and seeing old friends. I can't thank Marcell enough for taking such good care of my car. He went way above and beyond what I had expected to attempt to fix my...
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    NHRDA Points Race - Woodburn, OR - August 2nd

    I'm currently in second place in my class with the NHRDA and this will be the first race for me with my new clutch and LSD. This is a great race to come watch, there will be a lot of semi-trucks racing and a very big field of trucks racing. I'm expecting I'll be the only VW there, unless...
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    NHRDA Points Race - June 21st - Billings, MT

    I'll be racing at Yellowstone Drag Strip in Billings, MT on June 21st. From what I understand, this is a pretty big diesel event with an impressive turnout. I'll be at the Dyno event on the 20th, but I will not be there to dyno my car... just to support my friends and fellow racers. I hope...
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    NHRDA Third Points Race, May 3rd

    I'll be racing in Bremerton, Washington on May 3rd for the NHRDA's third points race. I placed 2nd at my last race in Portland, I'm hoping to do well at this race, too. Wish me luck, :D :)
  7. J

    One More Option for May 3rd, Bremerton, Washington

    Because there already isn't enough going on this day (LOL) here is another option... This will be my last race in Washington this season, and it would sure be great to get to meet some more TDI enthusiasts! I can't tell you how much it means to me to have some support from the TDI community...
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    Jetta Girl Makes 200HP

    As a result of a lot of team work between KermaTDI, StreetToys, JS Performance and myself, we were finally able to break the 200HP barrier for BRM engines. JS Performance built my car using a turbo from Kerma / StreetToys, PD150 injectors and Alligator tune from Kerma. There was a lot of custom...
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    April 5th, Mission BC

    The 3rd points race for the NHRDA will be at Mission Raceway on April 5th. Sounds like the track has a lot going on that day, so there will be plenty of racing to watch or participate in! I met some really great TDI'ers at the last race in Portland, I hope to meet more at this race. I...
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    March 8th, Portland Raceway

    The NHRDA is having their second points race in Portland this weekend. I'll be there racing, it would be great to see some of you there! Once I'm out of the points race, I'll be hoping over to the test and tune side for some more passes. Anyone want to race me???:cool: :D
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    NHRDA First Points Race For 2008, Feb.16th - Seattle

    We are having our first points race in Seattle on Feb.16th. It would be great to have some other TDI's to race with, or even just some showing up to offer support would be nice. Anyone wanna come out to play? :)
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    NHRDA 2008 Season Opener Feb.16th, Seattle

    This season's first event is going to be in Seattle on Feb.16th. We are going to be racing at Pacific Raceways. There are events all across America this year, hopefully more TDI's will show up to race... I finished in third place overall for the Pro-2 class last year. My car is undergoing a...
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    NHRDA National Championship Race, Pacific Raceways - Sept. 15th, 20007

    The NHRDA National Championship race is going to be on September 15th, 2007. I'm only 10 points away from the current leader and have a really good chance at winning the championship. That means that I have to advance only one round more than him, and I got it. Well, almost. The guy in third is...
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    Diesel Drag Racing National Championship, Pacific Raceways - Sept.15, 2007

    September 15th is the NHRDA National Championship race at Pacific Raceways in Kent. I'm in the running to get the Championship, I need only ten more points than the current points leader and that means just one round of eliminations. I really think I can do it, but it would be awesome if I could...
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    Finally Got To Race An Aligator Tuned PD On The Track!

    It finally happened! I got to line up against an Aligator tuned PD. Here's some of the details: His car was a MK4, Mine a MK5. This is about a 500lb difference...I think. If anyone knows the actual difference, please post it. His car was stock except for the tune: stock turbo, stock...
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    New Dyno Results For JettaGirl's PD With DieselPower Products

    I went and got a new dyno on Saturday, May 26th. I was able to get a baseline and modded run. The dyno was a Mustang Dynamometer, loaded to 3500 pounds, and 30HP 50MPH. I don't know what the 30HP 50MPH is for, or what it's supposed to do, but the operator told me it was important.:o I don't know...
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    Spraying VHT on my tires for traction?

    What do you guys think of this idea? I've heard that VHT will eat up my tires, and I've heard it is really good for solving my traction problems. They spray the track down pretty well with VHT before the races, do you think even more on my tires would make a big difference?
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    NHRDA TDI Challenge

    This season, the NHRDA is having a three race series TDI Challenge. The TDI's get to have their own class, so if you don't want to race against the trucks, you don't have to. It would be great to have a bunch of TDI's show up. The points will accumulate over the three races, with the champion...
  19. J

    Drag Racing Results For My MK5

    I just got home from the track. We only got to make one full run, but I'm happy with my results...This is the first race I've competed in with my current set up. 2006 Jetta, 5 speed, DieselPower Digi-PD pro-wired tuning box, and DieselPower TPC module. Here are the results of my one run: RT .025...
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    End of 2006 NHRDA Racing Season

    Saturday, September 16th was the last race of this season for the NHRDA. I got 5th place overall, and 1st place with the stick shift cars/trucks. It was a really good season for me, it was my first time drag racing. I was the first girl to ever win a race with the NHRDA, and the first one this...