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    2013 Passat Bluetooth Moudle for RNS510 w/Fender Audio

    Hello all, I am retrofitting my 2012 Golf with the RNS510 NAV unit for the larger backup screen and navigation map to help my aging eyes. The radio I had was the RNS315 and found out I need to buy the bluetooth module as well but I found a number of module 'numbers' and want to make sure I get...
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    Pinout for 9w7 Bluetooth module 7P6035730F

    Hello all, I am trying to retrofit a RNS510 into my 2012 that came with a RNS315 and am having trouble getting the bluetooth module connected. I bought a harness but there are 2 wires (twisted) that are not labelled and are attached to pins 17 and 18 of the 54 pin harness but do not go to the...