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    WTB Adapter Cables Radio

    Im looking to buy adapter cables/ harness for 2 cars. I need an adapter that will let me hook up a G version MFD (Early MK4 plugs with no canbus) into my 2003 Jetta tdi. (03 large square style plug with canbus) I also need an adapter for my non canbus 2000 Jetta tdi to put in an 03 stlye...
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    Hood and Trunk wanted Canada

    I'm looking for a hood and trunk in nice condition. Good paint, no rust, no damage. Im near Toronto Ontario Canada so something in driving distance (3 hours or less) would be preferable unless you can ship for cheap. I want original paint on the parts, and in the color of my cars, so I can...
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    Technical Service Bulletins 00 and 03

    Does anyone have a complete list of technical service bulletins for 2000 and 2003 Jetta that I could pay a small amount to for a copy of them all? Alternatively, anyone want to go in on a purchase of a copy of these to cut the cost down?
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    Please Post some IP IQ's and Adaptations

    I'm trying to get a handle on injection pump injection quantities, and adaptation numbers for ALH only. Im also looking only for stock cars, no modified car data please. And just 5 spd's. not automatics. Could a few people post some recent info about their cars? 5 or 6 people would be enough. If...
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    Injection Quantity Detailed info needed

    I have a 2000 Tdi ALH 5spd and my pump was leaking. I had the local bosch shop replace the seals but he warned me that the quantity adjuster might be slightly off and that they didnt have the equipment there to set it. So, he said they mark the top cover and set a jig against it to get it back...
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    Wanted to buy Delta Sole Rims & more

    Anyone have a set of 4 decent (dont have to be mint) Delta sole rims? Little center caps would be nice. Also looking for factory tail lights from an 04 or so with clear sections. i'm trying to do a bit of an "04 face lift" to my 2000 Jetta. Would love a nice trunk lid too if its the navy type...
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    Piston Ring advice needed on ALH...

    I have a 2000 Jetta with the alh, 408,000 km. Long story short, ran perfect, year or 2 ago, engine ran away, brief high rev when shutting down. Rough idle cold after, better when hot. Compression within spec but just at the edge of max difference cyl to cyl on number 4. Recently had mechanical...
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    Looking for VW MFD G

    Anyone have a good working VW MFD version G for sale? Dont want to pay $600+. If anyone has a unit message me please. Would like to pay about $400, or $450 with gps antenna and plug n' play cable.
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    Timing and timing advance question

    Here's a timing question. I have another problem I'm working on and in the course of it, checking alot of things. So I go out in the morning when the car is completely cold, and hook up the VagCom. I fire up the car and the timing sits around 48-51 in the timing number window. Checked it again...
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    TDI not warming up to 80 degrees C

    This may be a dumb question, but the ambient temp right now is minus 2 (-2 C) and my car is not warming up to 80 degrees according to Vag com. My coolant gauge reads right on 90 as always, but vag com says about 76 degrees. I noticed this when trying to check the timing, and it says not hot...
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    NEED Advice Here are the symptoms

    2000 Jetta TDI 5 Speed with 335,000 km on it. Here's the chronology of events which started about 2 weeks ago. Car was working perfectly until this all happened. Car "runs away" on the highway. After pulling over, engine revs when clutch is put in, for no longer than 3 seconds. Engine rev...
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    NEED ADVICE 2000 Jetta TDI troubleshooting

    My 2000 Jetta TDI has been running fine up till 2 weeks ago. With 335,000 KM on it, I was passing a car on the highway. I dropped down into 4th and floored it. After releasing my foot at the speed limit in 5th gear, the car kept accelerating as if on cruise. Cruise was off, and I fought the car...