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    Buyer beware clutch masters fx300 with Whitbread flywheel

    FWIW, i remember reading somewhere that Whitbread wasn't able to get any vendors except Clutchmasters to work with him on his flywheel. I have no doubt that he'd prefer to use a more reliable supplier than Clutchmasters.
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    B5.5 conversion transmission

    I got a 01E trans alone from Franz a while back, seems like it was right around 1000USD. You'd need the FWD only version, but i would think it should be close in price. Mine was AWD for my Audi.
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    6 speed options for B5.5 4motion tdi conversions

    Should be able to use any Audi A4/A6 manual transmission in that car, assuming you are adding an equivalent ratio rear axle. I have no experience with B5.5 chassis so i don't know what rear axle setup will fit that car. I'm assuming there are floor pan differences but i don't know that for sure.
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    Viable A4 Quattro tdi swap options

    There's decent B6 and B7 out there that are well taken care of. You just have to look harder. Maybe the trailer parks around Florida and other senior communities? Probably won't have a M/T if that's what you're after, but will likely be low mile and good shape.
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    TDI swap with AC/Heat into classic?

    You don't need to match the evap case/evaporator to the compressor. There's nothing significant to the design of the VW compressor that precludes its use with a vintage air system for the C10 or whatever you choose to use. If it were me, i would go with a clutched VW compressor that matches...
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    BHW short block limits

    That's pretty good. I was thinking compounds already.
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    BHW short block limits

    Yeah i know about Whitbread. I have a buddy that spends all his money there. I'm an engine development engineer. Since everybody is moving to EV's including my employer, i will have to get my jollies building my own stuff. I'm trying to data mine the community rather than spending all my...
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    BHW short block limits

    Before anyone says it, i've searched. Repeatedly. Tough to get definitive answers. What are the accepted limits of BHW main shortblock components? Block Crank Rods Pistons I'm building a BHW to "play around with" and need to know what hardware will be a problem as i develop the engine...
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    Another 1.8T A4 Quattro to TDI - Lots of Questions

    Nice work. I'll be referencing it on my build. I don't think the 02X has the syncro breaking issues that the 01E does. THAT one, you want probably a 30lb flywheel.
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    B7 Audi A4 BHW swap

    Another vote for Dutch Auto Parts. Frans will get you the parts you want quick and reasonable. He got me a TDI 01E very quickly.
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    Bentley manuals with TDI info

    An odd question, but don't know where else to ask it. In USA/North America, you can buy a Bentley manual with factory service info for vehicles sold in NA. It will usually include TDI info. On vehicles sold in North America but TDI not sold here, but available overseas, there's no info...
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    they're like 500 here in the midwest. i've seen several in the last few years. I bought one in milwaukee last year for 500 with blown auto.
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    Audi B6 BHW swap wiring question (one wire left)

    I'm doing that exact swap. I bought a BPW controller from Lithuania. I hope i can get it working alright.
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    A4 B6 TDI conversion - BEW vs BHW

    Well i picked up on Saturday. The car is a wreck, but the bhw started right up cold and ran good. I brought it home and emptied out the trash bin full of old junk, empty oil cans, flask, beer cans, old rubbers (!) and other assorted debris and it'll work fine for my uses. Not bad for $500...
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    A4 B6 TDI conversion - BEW vs BHW

    Found another BHW car for cheap. Going to get it tomorrow.
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    A4 B6 TDI conversion - BEW vs BHW

    Ok, it guess we'll have to see what i get get the BHW car for. I think he's a little high right now.
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    A4 B6 TDI conversion - BEW vs BHW

    I am considering TDI swapping a B6 Audi. I have a BEW in a parts car right now. I have a line on a BHW. What makes the most sense? Putting the money i would put into a parts car towards the needed parts for the BEW swap, or just buy the BHW and be done with it? I'm not so concerned with the...
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    Another 1.8T A4 Quattro to TDI - Lots of Questions

    When i did my 17Z swap on my Audi, i used the Mercedes rotors. I found that i didn't need to machine the calipers then, and the rotors didn't need anything either. I ended up spacing the calipers 2mm with a shim, and needed a 3mm shim for the wheels to clear my wheels. Zero machining. For...
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    Why would a 2002-2003 Audi 3.0 V6 w/01E not work in this instance?
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    Aren't those unicorns? Sent from my LG-TP450 using Tapatalk