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    Preliminary - preparing to sell 2006 Jetta TDI sedan; 240,000 miles; zip 77845

    I’ll have one vehicle too many in the next day or two, and sadly, the Jetta will have to go up for sale. I’m posting this preliminary thread to gauge the level of interest here and weigh that against other options. Location: 77845 Let me know! Adam
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    2006 BRM - DSG fault(s) and PRNDS flashing

    How does this compare with buying a used DSG with much lower mileage? I realize one drawback to that approach could be if the age of the mechatronics matters just as much as mileage. What is the newest DSG we can use in our 2006 cars? Are we stuck with the 2005-6 model year, or can the...
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    Need Help: Replacing blown ECU / Programming / Cloning

    The ECU literally blew up. I have a replacement (used) on the way. I need help to get the replacement ECU programmed so that the car doesn't reject it and refuse to start. I can't easily bring the car to the dealer, because I doubt it is going to start. That means I'd have to tow. Does...
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    Windshield washer hose broken again.

    I just replaced a section of the corrugated tubing from close to the fender to near where it enters the hood. I used black “windshield washer hose” and barbed couplers at each end. The barbed coupler goes inside the hose and the corrugated tube. If I had the time, I would prefer to replace ALl...
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    215k miles and no can wear BRM

    215k miles and no cam wear BRM Reading the camshaft failure threads for several years, I’ve been checking for wear a few times and counting on having to replace the cam. Instead, I have even chamfer lines on all of the lobes from the base circles to the tips. I looked from all angles from...
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    New BRM valve cover design - observations

    I got the newer BRM valve cover from IDparts. It is revision K, while my original was rev D. The new one has two PCV diaphragms, which are under the two equal-sized caps at the top. There are also two reed valves inside instead of one. There are two PCV air chambers inside, and they each...
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    Bassoon noise when off throttle and when turning off engine

    Solved! I checked the vacuum system more thoroughly, and I found two problems. The check valve just behind the valve cover was bad. The noise was still present after I replaced it - maybe even worse. The next issue was a leaky N75 valve, and I haven’t heard the noise sense replacing it.
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    Bassoon noise when off throttle and when turning off engine

    Makes sense. It fits also with the recent switch to the GDE tune. The tune probably changed the turbo actuator map.
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    Torn Axle Shaft Boot - Repair or Replace

    The old one is much better than your new one. I would clean it all up and look for rust in the joint. The boot kit will come with grease and clamps. The VW boot kit I bought from WorldImpex has outlasted whatever boots Raxles used on my driver side shaft.
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    Bassoon noise when off throttle and when turning off engine

    Bassoon noise when off throttle and when turning off engine - Solved! Mostly I hear the sound immediately after I turn the engine off. It sounds like a low note on a reed instrument. Sometimes it's just an eighth note, and sometimes it drags on for a whole measure. It doesn't happen every...
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    SUSPENSION questions,,

    My experience with Monroe is they get too soft in just 20-25k miles. They're great when they're brand new. I went with Koni FSD all around. They're OK, but maybe too harsh at times. The odd thing is they'll let the suspension bottom out on certain types of large bumps at lower speeds. I...
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    Thinking about selling but is it worth anything? 06 dsg with half a million miles!

    Wow - I thought I was the only one who bothered to replace interior parts like that. On all four doors I have new door handles, new trim on the door pulls, and new electrical switches. The dash air vents and the rear air vent are new. I replaced the seatbelts with black seatbelts from a...
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    New Valve Cover

    So did the new valve cover help with the oil control?
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    Torsion adjustments and MPG after cam change

    If you're showing better mileage using the old school pencil-and-paper method, I would then consider to retard my cam timing a bit and give it a try myself. Otherwise, I've read the cam timing can affect the MFD computation more than the actual mileage you get.
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    Just purchased 06 Jetta Tdi, coolant and boost leak to fix

    Also in TX trying to keep my 2006 as "like new" as I can manage. I'm slowly replacing the worn and scratched interior door parts with new. Regarding the cleaner in the canister, I thought I had read that the fuel circulates through the canister back to the tank, and so you don't really get a...
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    Torsion adjustments and MPG after cam change

    I re-read your original post. I noticed for the mpg readings you wrote "MFD", and I couldn't find any mention of traditional miles/gallons paper method. What mpg are you getting if you compute it on paper?
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    What '09 parts should I take for my '06?

    So I got wheels and tires, seat belts (front), door gaskets, diesel fuel cap, coolant reservoir cap, convenience module (to match TPMS sensors), and rubberized trunk mat. Other things would have taken too long. I had very little time to get this done.
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    What '09 parts should I take for my '06?

    What '09 parts will fit my '06? I have an opportunity to pick any parts from an '09 TDI to use on my '06. The '09 has less than 90k. My car has 210k miles. Here's my list. Anything else I should consider? - wheels and tires (new) - trunk mat - diesel filler cap - alternator ? - coolant...
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    Dog bone and rubber inserts replacement

    It has been several months, and I just took it out. The car is much better without the urethane insert. The noise and vibration transfer from the BRM engine into the cabin is too much with the insert. I put up with that for way too long!
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    Turn Key and a short delay before starter engages

    Maybe the starter solenoid is sticking. If you have manual climate control, does the blower fan turn off as soon as you turn the key, or does it also have a delay before it turns off?