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    FS: 2010 VW Golf TDI 2DR 6MT in MO

    Located in Waynesville, MO. 937.367.1011 2 door. 6 speed manual transmission. Average 38mpg in mixed driving and mid to upper 40s on long trips. Everything works as it should. 85k miles. Oil and filter every 10k with Wix filter and Liqui Moly oil that meets VW specified requirements. New...
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    FS: Ohio, 1992 VW Corrado SLC TDI, FK Silverline coilover, fuel cell, Wilwood BBK $6k

    For simplicity's sake I'd like to sell this. No part of me really wants to sell it, but the fact that it's 4,000 miles away and incomplete is frustrating in the least. I'm coming up on the two year mark of it being stored by a very gracious and awesome friend and it needs to be out of his...
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    1992 Corrado SLC TDI 1Z

    This thing is an absolute blast to drive for a daily, it goes, handles, and stops incredibly well. Roughly 140k miles on body/motor. Swap was done by Dubwerx. It's not perfect, but it runs strong and gets 46mpg avg. New fuel filter, N75 valve, recent oil change, rear brake pads are new in...
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    1.8t intercooler

    Not sure what vehicle this is out of, but it's in pretty good shape. $40 OBO plus shipping.
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    Audi TT side mount intercoolers

    No piping, just the ICs $100 plus shipping, OBO.
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    WTB: engine cover. My Corrado doesn't have one

    Shipped to 66441, please let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Sorting out a few issues in a swapped car.

    About a year ago I became the owner of a 92 Corrado with a 1Z from a 96 Passat swapped into it. I am experiencing a few issues, mostly pertaining to flashing GP light and intermittent CEL. I would scan it, but I have yet to find the OBD port, I spoke to the shop that did the swap and they were...