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    Trying to find out what something is in car ?

    About one yr. after buying car 2003 Jetta wagon , I noticed a folddown thing between the rear view mirror & windshield about 2 inches from top of windshield . It is about 1 inch high by about 5 inches wide - looks to have a light sensor in the center facing forward - in the fold down position ...
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    Injector tester ?

    Lost my high end popit tester in a fire , looking at some on Amazon One my questions is adapters - to attach injector , not much ability to ask about the chineeze stuff ...
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    Timing belt kit at RockAuto ?

    Have a few bucks set aside , RockAuto has multiple options , I would typically go for known brands I see Gates & Continental , then metal WP impeller . So looking to see what info others have - no mention of longer life belts ?
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    VW Jetta , golf, GTI 99-03 Bentley & Haynes manuals

    Bentley & Haynes manuals ? I do not have a web site or what ever ?
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    Instrument / dash lights intermittent +

    I tried to just open my old post for this , couldn't find . Have had the car for about 5 months , the blue dash lights seemed bright to me [ drive very little a night ] so tried to use the dimer to reduce brightness - but no reaction to turn either way . Now a few mnths later - the dash - blue...
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    Dash / instruments light off / on ?

    Had this car since about spring of 01 , 1st time driving at night I thought the blue light was too bright and tried to adjust , and no reaction to move dial . Then last week went driving at night [ not offen ] and the dash lights did not come on at all and no reaction to switches . Checked all...
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    Bentley manual - can not find fuel quality ?

    The title says it , seems not to be in there , at least not where it should - diesel fuel injection , near injection timing ?
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    How to upload pictures for for sale add ?

    How to upload pictures for for sale add ?
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    Couple of MKIV manuals

    I have a couple of extra manuals , the Haynes $10+ sh , the Bentley $60 + sh - with R32 supplement . 1st time posting for sale , did not find how to post pictures , the Bentley is almost like new , the Haynes is worn couver , both complete .
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    Turbo interchange MK IV ,

    Looking at a add for a 06 Jetta MK V BRM 1.9 TDI , will it fit a 03 Jetta 1.9 TDI ALH , what differences ?
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    Too many key-fob posts to be sure ?

    Saw another video , but is was for a 04 , mine is an 03 . They backed out a torx screw , in the door jam , to pull out the door lock , then used a screwdriver to turn lock to the right , separating key & fob . My car did not look the same - thier screw was right at the edge of door jam , mine...
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    03 Jetta wagon , tailgate lock eratic ?

    After going into tailgate , it seems to not lock , just got some tools out , closed hit lock on fob , was not locked , tail lights flashed when I hit button on fob , but could open , did this a 6 times in a row ?
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    I call this " engineered to rust " hot to slow / stop ;)

    Somebody may have posted this , but I have not seen it . Heard this from someone local , maybe the member I bought manual swap from . I did take pictures , but not getting phone to load on laptop ;( One of the typical rusting spots on Jettas , just in front of front door . rear of front fenders...
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    EUH trans swap ?

    Didn't take into consideration when I bought , just assumed it was the correct trans for auto to 5 spd swap . Looking see what preferences , looking at chart I got link to from here , From what I saw the diesel trans were under EBJ & EGR for...
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    Ross-Tech KII-USB , can I reduce EGR %

    Looking to see if the KII-USB can reset the EGR to lower % of open ? On 03 Jetta 1.9 TDI
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    A little hard to start after sitting 6-8 hrs.

    This is an ongoing , or multiple thread issue , partly because of not taking the time to really dig into this . Use to be in the auto repair biz. and worked on most everything , including diesels , VW included , but not much as they added electronics . Not that I do can not work on electronics ...
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    5 spd man. what upgrades

    Just got a pile of parts for auto to man swap , thinking about opening to see if anything is close to needing service before installing [ better than after install ;) I thought I remembered that sincros were an issue , original not as good as replacement , any other goodies , not looking for...
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    Can the headlights be changed - to be off manually ?

    Can the ECU be reset to allow turning the headlights off - do not want to use headlights on a bright sunny day ? I think of it as a scam - headlights cost more than ever - and you can not turn off ;(
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    KLL USB getting to know / while troubleshooting

    Both new to me the diagnostic tool , software & car . Have been in auto repair in past , owned & used many different computer access tools before mostly Snap On , used the 1st ones they had in like 1980 & 1/2 . What I am troubleshooting is long crank / cold start . What I have been doing to get...
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    The car I got a couple weeks ago came with some parts , injectors ?

    Is there a list I could use to identify the injectors / numbers / markings ? No indication that someone was changing the performance - Looks as if they were changed out , and the old ones were in a box , I think the last owner was chasing a long crank issue , still had when I got . But that is...