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  1. coolbreeze

    Why is my MPG better since phase 2 recall

    I am now more then 3 months since my phase 2 recall has been completed in June and I expected more restrictive exhaust and lower mpg results per tank. My previous Fuelly results kept me squarely in the low to mid 42 per tank range. After having my 2015 Golf SE TDI DSG with 38k miles phase 2...
  2. coolbreeze

    Modified MPG Best of All CR's ?

    Just completed my first tank with my new 2015 Golf TDI SE with DSG and it out performs any avg tank I have had out of my 4 Common Rail TDI's. I understand there are many more tanks needed to get a more accurate look but with that being said my best avg tank EVER, other then a one outlier on my...
  3. coolbreeze

    What happens after I turned in my last TDI? Not sure what to do on the internet now.

    Just need some help. Some reason to go to my computer. I just feel like I have no one out there b!tch!ng about their late payment, or asking useless questions that have been answered endless times. I'm lost.
  4. coolbreeze

    VA Consumer Protection - Need Advise

    As some know I have replaced my TDI on 12/31/16, with a 2014 Jetta GLI. I flew into VA and was picked up by the dealer. When I got home I put it up on a lift to check the exhaust because it didn't sound right. The previous owner had straight piped back from the cat and removed the resonator...
  5. coolbreeze

    All I want for Christmas is

    To the tune of the 12 day of Christmas:D;) Receiving my 2 remaining offers 1 CPO GLI and a large EFT in my bank account! Merry Christmas everybody!
  6. coolbreeze

    Owners Are Right: Volkswagen Is Missing Its Dieselgate Buyback Deadlines
  7. coolbreeze

    We have much to be thankful for!

    So much stress on all of us right now as we move through this process together. Guess I want to take a pause and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to put all this in perspective and find something to be thankful for. You can even share it so we can collectively relax. For me it...
  8. coolbreeze

    This news report is so spot on it deserves it own thread.

    Feast on it! :mad: Why Volkswagen TDI Owners Are Pissed About The Dieselgate Buyback Process EDIT: THIS IS NOT A NEWS REPORT> IT IS A BLOG AND SOME GUYS OPINION. my bad
  9. coolbreeze

    So what does the auditor actually do?

    So I was excited to see my 2013 Golf verified. I had some stress on whether VW would buy it back. (Salvaged Title) A lot of relieve to see those green check marks. Now I look forward to seeing my Golf pass the last phase and receive an offer. From what I have gathered the first step is...
  10. coolbreeze

    Complaints Filed to FTC and Claims Council and the Results / Reply's

    I submitted a complaint with the FTC and Claims Council just minutes ago, thanks to Dan36 posting the links. I am frustrated with the lack of help or getting clear answers from VW. Could not believe how quickly the Claims Council responded. I posted their response below. If you do file with one...
  11. coolbreeze

    Buy Back Spreadsheet - Track our buyback status

    I was hoping to have an easy place to find this very useful tool that members - uncrunchytaco and Ericy have provided us. I believe we will get much more input if it is easy to find, or at least it will make my life easier because I will be able to find it now. Ericy, you could even hyperlink it...
  12. coolbreeze

    Swapping Bi-Xenon's from 2015 Golf TDI to 2017 Golf

    Can it be done? I have several TDI's that will be turned in this Nov. One is a 2015 Golf TDI with lighting package. I travel 30 miles at each night through poorly lit country roads and think VW halogen are poor at best. On the other hand I love the Bi-Xenons. I have decided I will purchase a...
  13. coolbreeze

    VW must contact you within 10 or earlier if claim is denied.

    Anyone wondering if their claim was approved, denied, or deemed incomplete should know that VW was ordered by the court to contact you within 10 of excepted application with documents downloaded. My documents where submitted on the 19th, so today is their last day to contact me if there where...
  14. coolbreeze

    If I can't have a VW TDI - I'm going full electric

    I went from a TDI to a gasser for 5 years (including my 16 GTI) then back to a TDI. I won't do that again. Once you get use to all that lovely low end torque and 500 mile or better per tank, a gasser eats at you over time. I see electric as the closest thing to aligning with what I like about...
  15. coolbreeze

    MK6 vs MK7 Steering Wheel

    So is it just me or is the MK7 steering wheel in the GTI and TDi highly uncomfortible compared to the MK6? To me the 6 is fatter and rounder and easy to hold. The MK7 in my TDI and GTI is thinner and has a pressure point on it since it is not round and has a ridge that runs on the front of the...
  16. coolbreeze

    Is This Etched In Stone?

    I purchased my Rebuilt 2013 TDI in February. I recently used the VW search engine for eligibility and wonder if this is a simple search engine to verify's the vin is a Gen 1, 2, or 3 vehicle, or do you think it verify's qualification for buyback such as rebuilt title before 09/18? If I am not...
  17. coolbreeze

    Post your Federal Trade Commission Comments Here

    In the interest of awareness to encourage members to speak their mind and share their thoughts with the FTC I have started a thread to list your comments made to the FTC along with the adress to send it. By sharing your comments it can help others to understand where they stand on the issue. It...
  18. coolbreeze

    Back in the saddle again!

    After 5 years without a TDI, I was able to get back in the saddle again. Purchased a 13 TDI manual to complement my 2016 GTI SE PP with Stage 1 APR craziness. The TDI is my daily driver and the crazy @$$ GTI is my stress reliever. Loving seeing 50 mpg again!:D[/url][/IMG]
  19. coolbreeze

    Coming back into the fold- Need help!

    Folks I sold my last TDI in 2010, and I currently own a 2015 GTI SE. Great car but at 55 a little to noisy and stiff for my 100 miles of highway driving a day. I am looking to purchase a 2015 SE TDI manual with Light package. Back in the day I know there was a dealer in PA with a consultant...
  20. coolbreeze

    MK6-VW-Rear-Hatch-Cover-From-2011-GTI-With-Cargo-Net-on-Interior-Side MK6-VW-Rear-H

    Found my 2011 GTI cover I had stored away. Great condition. All cords and net in top shape. Stock Photo's from interweb. My cover is as good a condition or better. 65.00 or best offer. Email me: