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  1. Getriebe Guy

    Free Mk4 ALH 1JO 937 550 battery top fuse boxes

    2 free (you pay shipping from 48128) fuse boxes that go on top of battery P/n 1J0 937 550 Both have small melt holes in cover from overheating but can be fixed or you can use the fuses that are in them.
  2. Getriebe Guy

    Mk4 Euro Switch

    VW dealer part Mk4 Euro Switch for sale. send email to tidygarage at if interested and make me an offer I can't refuse
  3. Getriebe Guy

    A4 Bosch Alternator New in metro Detroit $300 obo

    New Bosch alternator for A4 $300 or best offer. In metro Detroit.
  4. Getriebe Guy

    Wanted: A/C parts 03 Jetta TDI

    need good deal on A/C condenser, dryer, etc. for fixing A/C on 2003 Jetta TDI plus advice/guidance on how to fix (links n stuff) Thx in advance
  5. Getriebe Guy

    Wanted: A/C parts 03 Jetta TDI

    need good deal on A/C condenser, dryer, etc. for fixing A/C on 2003 Jetta TDI plus advice/guidance on how to fix (links n stuff) Thx in advance
  6. Getriebe Guy

    Help I ran my car out of fuel

    I ran by 01 Jetta TDI out of fuel today. I know this can be a bad thing I hope it is not too bad. I searched but found little or nothing. I remember reading some info on how to fix it a couple of years ago but can't find it now. How do I address this? The car got towed home and is sitting...
  7. Getriebe Guy

    FS: A4 Brake Master Cylinder

    Brake master cylinder from A4 TDI. My mechanic replaced it but there was nothing wrong with it the problem was the booster and pedal. $40 or best offer. tidygarage@gmaildotcom email
  8. Getriebe Guy

    2001 Golf GLS TDI for sale

    2001 Golf GLS TDI 4 door. About 220,000 miles. Timing belt, pump, etc. professionally done by TDI expert at 180,000 miles. Automatic trans fluid changed by TDI expert (magnet was clean) at 190,000 miles. More facts: Car in SE Michigan metro Detroit area Black exterior/Gray interior Automatic...
  9. Getriebe Guy

    Rear Hatch on 01 Golf Won't Open ..Help

    The rear hatch on my 01 Golf doesn't open since mid-winter when it was really cold. Any help on how to troubleshoot/fix this would be appreciated.
  10. Getriebe Guy

    car just broke down in Windsor -help with where to get it fixed

    my wife just broke down in Windsor (we live in Michigan) with her 03 Jetta TDI. No clutch friction. I felt a hitch in the clutch a couple days ago and called Marty Bergel to get the car in for repair and I know he is booked up for a month or so. Anybody have advice on where to get it fixed...
  11. Getriebe Guy

    What to do with old alternator?

    I just replaced a bad 90A alternator with a new one I bought from tdiparts. I didn't pay core and now I have an unworking old core alternator. Any tips on how to get somebody to pay me for the old one?
  12. Getriebe Guy

    WTB MkIV Golf Rear Bumper Cover

    WTB Rear bumper cover for 2001 Golf Mk4 Thx
  13. Getriebe Guy

    FS Plastic Skid Plate from 03 Jetta TDI Manual

    For sale: $20 obo plus shipping OEM Plastic skid plate from 03 Jetta TDI manual. In good shape as it was pulled from a Florida car. Shipping to most of US would average about $15 by UPS ground. PM me or email
  14. Getriebe Guy

    FS Original Plastic Skid Plate fr 03 Jetta TDI

    For sale: Original plastic skid plate from a 2003 Jetta TDI in great shape. Came from a Florida car I recently puchased so the part is not dinged and salted up like a typical Midwest part. Ships from Dearborn MI 48128. $40 or make an offer plus shipping. email me on if...
  15. Getriebe Guy

    Tail lights blew out-need help

    My tail lights were out for a while and I recently replaced the bulbs and verified that they worked. They blew out soon after. Any ideas what my problem is. Hints: I was messing with the underhood wiring a while back. I think that's when they went out the first time when I jumpered the...
  16. Getriebe Guy

    Dearborn, MI Farmer Jack Parking Lot

    I saw a silver Jetta tdi with tinted windows and a TDIclub license plate holder this afternoon. Just curious if it's from the Dearborn area.
  17. Getriebe Guy

    Buy one get one free wiper sale

    At there is a buy one Valeo wiper get one free deal. These are like the Bosch wipers with the curve molded in that sell for $25 each at AutoZone or Murray's. I got two for around $25 shipped a month or two ago and they're working great.
  18. Getriebe Guy

    DIY Leather Steering Wheel Cover-Pattern wanted

    I have access to swatches of automotive grade leather and I'm kind of thrifty so I was thinking about doing my own leather wrapped steering wheel for a 4 spoke MK4 Golf steering wheel Next time someone has an Isotta 4 spoke Golf4 kit open would you trace it and email or post a pattern or at...
  19. Getriebe Guy

    ZeroStart on sale at Canadian Tire $40CDN

    ZeroStart coolant heaters are on sale at Canadian Tire for $40 regularly $60 for anybody interested.
  20. Getriebe Guy

    Heated Seat installed this weekend

    I just installed a heated seat kit for $80 from it was pretty easy to do and works fine. I also put in an inflatable lumbar support I bought off of ebay. Anybody else used one of these heated seat kits?