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    1998 TDI Beetle Parts Car-NC 27948

    1998 manual TDI Parts car. 265k clutch is chattering, another clutch is in the trunk. Interior is from a 2001, all black, has heated seats and switches but no wiring to the switches. Injector pump, headlights and tail lights gone. Timing belt, water pump, rollers and suspension done at 220k by...
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    Open house F/S--Cumberland MD

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to many folks about part for sale, but the postal service moved up my starting date to Jan 30. I am on leave all week this week to settle/move but I still have a ton of everything in the house to get rid of. I would like to have an open house to get rid of VW parts. I...
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    A boat load of early beetle interior parts

    I have to move, and I have a room that is literally packed floor to roof with beetle parts. I have several sets of seats in tan, and black leather/vinyl, grey cloth..(all in various conditions) interior parts in grey, black, and tan. (Center consoles, glove boxes...on and on) If you are looking...
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    F/S Engine 2001 ALH Automatic Beetle

    Due to the pending closure of my post office, and the need to relocate to a motorhome I have to part with my backup engine. (Moving to Kill Devil Hills, NC) Engine was from a 2001 automatic beetle, 181K. New timing belt from Diesel Toyz in San Antonio at 161K. Has 11mm pump. Asking $2,000 may...
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    Is there an APP for that?

    Are there any good fuel related phone apps? Maybe a station locator, or cheap fuel finder?
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    Wtb: 2.0 Aeg Cat

    I know, not a TDI, but my 2.0 has an aftermarket cat, and doesn't seem to like it. If you bought a 2.0 for a parts car, and have the cat left...hit me up.
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    Cumberland, MD to New Port Ritchie FL.

    Hopefully my boss does not block my annual leave...because I'm supposed to pick up another TDI owner in Florida Friday. (Almost 19 hours if I take no breaks) This is the longest solo drive I have ever had. Maria is in NC. Again, this is in my least he gets to add three more states.
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    F/S armrest

    Grey plastic, black cloth top. All hinges and clips work...does not contain piece that bolts to floor. $60 shipped.
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    F/S turbo S/TT pedals automatic

    Just got these, and haven't had the chance to install, but a five speed swap will make them unneeded. Accelerator and brake only, I do not have the dead pedal. $50 shipped.
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    F/S beetle automatic shift plate in black

    Just got this, as I am in the process of swapping my grey interior for black, but a five speed conversion means I won't need this part. $25 shipped, will try to get pics up soon.
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    Swap question:

    I found a complete 5 speed swap from a 98 diesel beetle, and would like to put it in my 01. I know the shifters changed in mid year 99, is that something I have to worry about when doing a changeover? Should I just get a shifter from a later car? Also, the cluster is from a 98, other than the...
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    WTB: A tranny or a swap!

    Finally get my car back tomorrow at noon, and a refund, as its a bit less driveable than it was when I dropped it off five weeks ago. (This has been a nightmare) Here is the situation: I need some sort of transmission in this car by midnight Thursday into Friday. I have a young country boy tow...
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    WTB: Another 01M TCM/Beetle

    My mechanic wants me to try yet another TCM, before throwing in the towel on my 01M and giving me my money back. Anyone have a TCM from a working 01M that they would like to sell?
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    Transmission guy stumped.

    After almost a month, a full rebuild, and a second 01M still has really hard shifts from second to third. The problem? The pressure is not going down between shifts from second to third. The only code either of the TCMs are throwing is torque converter...which was replaced. All...
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    Feeler WTB: TCM for 01M

    After rebuilding my transmission, it still has a hard shift from second to I am on my way to NM, the shop is going to keep testing, and determine if its the accelerator, or the TCM. If anyone has a known good one, kindly offer me a price, in case I should happen to need it. The car...
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    Leaving for Roswell NM in my 2.0

    The local transmission guru is absolutely stumped by my TDI...two weeks ago he said it would be done last Wednesday, but despite three teardowns, she still has violent shifts between second and third. So, with no time left, I am stuck taking Rodney, my 2.0.... the only hope I have of taking the...
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    Stuck glowplug?

    Back when I first got my diesel (November), Had a CEL on, and replaced three glow plugs to get it to pass inspection. At the time, the fourth plug was seized according to the mechanic that worked on it. I didn't bother with it as the CEL went off. Well, the CEL is back on, and I am wondering...
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    Grey seat belt and tensioner

    Grey seat belt and tensioner from a 2002 beetle. Had to buy this in addition to the belt buckle that I needed for my car. $50.
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    FS Early NB Mirrors.

    98-00 New Beetle mirrors, painted in Silver Arrow. Glass is intact, but the heaters no longer work. Wiring is intact. $100 for the pair, will separate.
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    Who wants cash on Sunday or Monday?

    I would be bugging Growler for this, but our schedules aren't going to meet up....and I'm about to get my butt in trouble. My new-to-me TDI needs to pass inspection...and needs a new glow plug harness and a driver's side seat belt installed in order to do so. Got parts, need someone with...