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    best quality door handles for a 96 B4 Passat

    there are many cheap after market door handles out there , I would like the B4 crowd to let me know which is considered the best quality brand. I am rebuilding a 96 B4 tdi and am looking for good quality parts. Thank You.
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    WTB 96 B4 short shifter

    I am looking for a B4 type short shifter. Thanks
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    WTB B4 short shifter

    I wish to find a short shifter for my 96 B4 Passat ,I am interested in any and all out there. Thx
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    Whining sound at 40 mph in 4th gear

    My B4 has about 380000 miles on it and I now hear a high pitched whining just at 40mph in 4th gear when giving it power. push in clutch and its gone , my worry is that a bearing in the transmission is going bad. has anyone ever had this happen ? and what could be the cause ? I am about to...
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    Has anyone tried to put a BorgWarner BV43 on a 97 B4 ?

    I wish to get a bigger turbo and am wondering if the Borg Warner BV43 will go in ok .I hear an afn manifold is needed and alh N75 plus oil lines. on the manifold is this the intake we are talking about ? have any here done this and what suggestions do you have ?
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    which rear seal for my 1Z B4 tdi Passat ?

    there seems to be a lot of confusion over which rear seal is needed in the 97 B4 1Z Tdi. what is the true part number ? Thx
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    Pic of how the power steering pump is mounted to the 1.9 tdi

    the mechanic says something is missing to the power steering pump mounting , he says only 1 bolt holding the pump is wrong and I am looking for a picture of a power steering pump on a 1.9 B4 tdi , the bracket was busted and when a new one was gotten no good way to mount the pump is known , does...
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    battery hod down bolt for B4

    What size is the battery hold down bolt ? seem to have lost my B4's bolt.
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    WTB 028145531D bracket

    I am looking for a 028145531D power steering pump bracket for my 97 B4 . Thx
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    Bad power steering bracket on my B4

    my B4 is at the mechanics getting a new head, now I find my power steering pump mounting bracket is cracked and needs to be replaced . my question to all of you is will 028145531D bracket fit my car . all I can find are in England or eastern Europe. the bracket looks the same but I am not sure...
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    Cylinder Head replacement

    I need a new Head for my Passat B4 who is a good provider ? who is trusted to rebuild or provide a head that does not come from China ? also stage 1 cam Thx