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  1. lildevildee

    What do I say to STOP voice command if I hit the button by accident?

    Any time I've accidently hit the voice command button, absolutely NOTHING i've said works except "PHUC YOU" while yelling. Normal voice, yelling voice, kids voice,, music, nada. Big fat "PHUC YOU?" Sadly works every time.
  2. lildevildee

    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Marcell! I'm so, so glad to see you back and doing well!!!!!
  3. lildevildee

    Got this in the mail today..

    I had this "update" installed on my car when she went in for the 30k service and to have a new set of tires installed. I didn't know about it and didn't ask for it. I had a heck of a time trying to fill up afterwards. I had my boyfriend fill up; he said it was easy enough to fill up. I...
  4. lildevildee

    USA today story on VW campaign mis-fuel prevention

    I had the retrofit added to my car today, not by my choice. I found it after I stopped at my local station I've been using for the past year. In the first 6 gallons, the pump cut off 8 times. It didn't matter if I tried to trickle the fuel in, tried to push the nozzle in further, angle it...
  5. lildevildee

    Anyone else have their OEM Continental tires disintegrate yet?

    Not the Continentals but I had the Bridgestones (I'll have to check which ones later on.) Had a sidewall blowout at 27,000 miles. That makes my 2nd set of Bridgestones I've ever owned have a blowout. My first blowout was on my Expedition. I just had Toyo Proxes 4Plus put on the car today...
  6. lildevildee

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Blew out a tire. Tomorrow she gets a new set of rubbers.
  7. lildevildee

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    I busted the lower plastic grill. The raccoon didn't make it.
  8. lildevildee

    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Rich, thanks for the update! There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thinking of Marcell. Please keep us updated, even if very brief.
  9. lildevildee

    Email from VW for 'Volkswagen Sevice'

    I stuck that sticker where it belongs - in the trash. I have only misfueled 3.14 times. :D
  10. lildevildee

    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Has anyone heard anything on Marcell? I've been thinking about him!
  11. lildevildee

    Email from VW for 'Volkswagen Sevice'

    I got the same notice, too. Right after that, I got an email for a service for my Jetta. I didn't take it in; I'll stick with doing my own maintenance.
  12. lildevildee

    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Donation will be sent on Thursday. My thoughts are with Marcell and family. He's a wonderful man and a great member here.
  13. lildevildee

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Changed my oil and filled her up with some fresh diesel.
  14. lildevildee

    Virginia beach BD on base is 4.47/gal and regular off base is 3.89...why?

    Hi neighbors! R-Co in southern Va Bch (past Pungo, in Creeds) has been $3.819 for since last week. I usually fill up there or at Red Barn (in Pungo.) Where at on Battlefield is the Hess? I work at Greenbrier, could always shoot over there to fill up during my lunch break. Are there any...
  15. lildevildee

    mpg low???

    And you have 1,700 miles on the odo. Give it another 5,000 miles.
  16. lildevildee

    2012 Jetta TDI Engine Break-In Link?

    mud slut, drop the name calling. Now, run along to the FAQs and TDI 101. You have alot to learn :rolleyes:
  17. lildevildee

    mpg low???

    Sadly, not once have I seen mud slut say they actually love driving the car. Methinks they would have been better off to stay in the neon they had... Quick, mud slut, when are you doing the first oil change in your car?
  18. lildevildee

    mpg low???

    mud slut, IIRC, it takes approx. 60,000 miles for these engines to reach optimum compression. My m/t is about 39mpg for the life; however, the last 2 tanks have been a bit better than that. On my old tdi's, I hit break-in spots around 5000, 7500, and 12,000 ~ 15,000 miles. On my new tdi, my...
  19. lildevildee

    2012 TDI Jetta - Tight Clutch?

    I've had quite a few other vehicles (older TDI's as well) with manuals and this one was the hardest for me to get smooth. I noticed a "break-in" for both fuel econ and the clutch (it finally trained me!) at about ~7100 miles. It gets better but if I'm not careful, I can still make it jumpy...
  20. lildevildee

    Diesel in Hampton Roads(SoVA/Baltimore)

    If you're in Va Bch, Red Barn in Pungo and R-Co in Creeds has good diesel that is always fresh.