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    What preferred Laptop suits VCDS

    From our web site: FAQ 1.4 Pretty much any Windows laptop from the last 5 years should be fine.
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    CECM not detected

    You need to do copy and paste the coding value I've provided. If you know what copy and paste is in windows, then you know 80% of what to do. Then 5% is being plugged up to the car and ignition on. The last 15% is as follows: Start VCDS - [Select] - [09-Cent. Elect.] - [07 - Coding] - paste...
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    CECM not detected

    oh no... so for giggles I ran the VIN in Google to see if by chance a past Auto-Scan was posted... well.. there is a past to this car. o_O So was the J519 replaced due to the front end crash? The original J519 part number would most likely of been 5K0 937 084 G. The coding there.... yeah...
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    Engine starts but stops immediately - Golf Mk4 TDI 115

    We at Ross-Tech pride ourselves on our customer service and I think our track record proves this. However, customer service is just that, service for our customers. As you might suspect, we are not obligated to help people using knock off versions of our product. How do I know it is fake...
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    Engine starts but stops immediately - Golf Mk4 TDI 115

    You are not using a legit Ross-Tech kit. Demand a full refund.
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    Engine starts but stops immediately - Golf Mk4 TDI 115

    .... ok, so the first issue, and it is a major one... that isn't legit VCDS. So until you resolve that, we are done here.
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    Engine starts but stops immediately

    Start a new thread, post a full Auto-Scan from VCDS and we'll go from there.
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    VCDS turbo mode?

    From our website: In Engine controllers using KWP-2000 ,CAN or UDS, there is a [Turbo] button in Measuring Blocks screen. Pressing this button can significantly speed up sampling, for example over 30 samples per second when logging a single group in the engine controller in an early V8 Touareg...
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    VCDS Problem

    Post a photo of the device, that will lets us confirm it.
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    VCDS Problem

    We haven't shipped a CD in years... so... yeah.
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    VCDS OBD2 Capabilities

    Generic OBD-II functionality is limited to cars using ISO 9141-2 ("CARB"), ISO 14230 ("KWP-2000") and ISO-15765 ("CAN") protocols. None of our interfaces support the SAE J1850-VPW and J1850-PWM protocols used by most US-market pre-2008 GM and Ford products, so VCDS cannot work at all on those...
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    Suggestion for a Diagnostic Tool to adjust Air-Fuel ratio.

    You need to talk to a tuner. Air-fuel mixture maps are not something you can change using the factory diagnostic protocol.
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    Value of VCDS HEX CAN cable?

    How much is a HEX+CAN worth? Well according to my sources, well over $400:
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    Do I need VCDS?

    We have kits from $199 up to $1299. Same fault codes and live data regardless of the price point you go with since it is the same piece of software (VCDS)... what you get from VCDS is really a matter of what did the Germans (your car) give you. :) Our $199 kit is the HEX-V2 with 3VINs. Or...
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    VCDS Issues..

    We offer free product support over the phone to our registered customers: Regards.
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    Program key

    There are some variables that come into play, but it could be similar to the Adaptation process as detailed here:
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    Right Scanner

    It is pretty simple to do a service reset with VCDS, there is a function in the software just for it: Video at the bottom of that page.
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    VAGCOM issues

    We have the best sales team of any company. Thanks you! :D
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    Right Scanner

    We even have a video on this topic: Regards.