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    Fuel Prices

    Has anyone figured why diesel costs THAT much more now than any grade of gasoline? Prior to Putin's tantrum, the difference between diesel and SUL was just a few cents.
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    Anybody track their 2015 TDI golf?

    dieselgorl is your transmission manual?
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    Design Flaw Leaks?? What does "limited warranty" mean? How long does a "bumper to bumper" warranty last? Will insurance cover a $20,000 repair?
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    Recommended clutch/flywheel

    What does WOT stand for? Google shows me world of tanks. Pfft.
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    Which Receiver Hitch for Bike Rack?

    Whichever one you get add the option of wiring to trailer lights. You never know. I installed mine and this allowed me to pull a U Haul enclosed trailer.
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    I've read from BITOG that Blackstne doesn't measure fuel dilution accurately. The only factor here that I can gather is the routine use of Stanadyne with every fill of my fuel tank.
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Mk7 Sportwagen TDI DPF/DEF/EGR delete Malone 2 straightpipe with 62,900 miles. No other modifications. The only additive I put in the fuel tank is Stanadyne Diesel performance formula Sent my used oil Mobil Delvac Extreme 15W/40 to Blackstone with 5700 miles since oil change. Typical driving...
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    Service campaign 34J7: replace gear shifter trim

    Is this recall only for automatic transmissions?
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    Service campaign 34J7: replace gear shifter trim

    I bought my 2015 Mk7 used. Chatted with a VW of America rep. Mine is a 6 speed manual and she said there aren't any recalls for my car. Hmmmmm
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    Venting in a MKVII

    I routinely get about 600 per tank on highway and city driving like a senior citizen on the right lane
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    Venting in a MKVII

    I cannot remember where I read it but letting the fuel tank run down to near "0" miles SUPPOSEDLY is not good for the lift pump. I guess the pump has to work extra hard to bring the fuel to the front?
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Just looked into the Braille brand and saw a G30 for much more. Is "bigger better"?
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    A "What's it Worth" Thread

    $43,000 with under 200 or so miles. 6 speed manual, Incredible.
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    CP3 pump install - it’s installed

    Searched. Most are refurbished. Different tolerances after refurb? Any place that sells an entire pump brand new? Saw few vendors selling a "core". If there is a "core" is there a "shell" or "housing"?
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    CP3 pump install - it’s installed

    What is/are the advantage(s) of the swap?
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    Glow Plug actuation question

    Many mechanics swear by Interstate. Anyone else have a "best brand" recommendation?
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    Glow Plug actuation question

    Bought the car 2019 supposedly with a new battery. Maybe it is a reconditioned battery.
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    Glow Plug actuation question

    Reason for asking is the battery died the morning of a cold snap. I was fortunately parked at an incline and got the car running. Engine ran instantly when I turned the key on AFTER the car was rolling, put it in gear and released the clutch. I thought I'd have issues with the cold fuel and...
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    Glow Plug actuation question

    In a 6 speed manual TDI, does the glow plug start heating once the ignition is turned on, or does it get current only after the clutch AND the "engine start stop" button are depressed?
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    New cruise control "feature" with 6spd maual

    Is it a thing to slow down by downshifting? Once upon a time I used to take a gasoline powered sportscar cousin (Ferdie's toy) of the VW to the track. When decelerating from high speed as I entered a corner, I would hit the brakes late, turn in and heel /toe to blip the engine revolutions to...