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  1. TDIRyan

    Sale: 2002 Auto TDI 97K miles (lots of goodies)

    This TDI was my show car for 2 years before I got my classsic Chevy.I drove the car daily for 2.5 years now, and it's never given me any issues. My brother and I have done most of the work on it. It's got about 97K miles and runs like new. Anything we couldn't do was done by Phil at European...
  2. TDIRyan

    Parts adding up quickly!

    Well, I had my brother take the car in to fix the AC yesterday. He installed the new compressor and the accumulator ($325). While pulling the accumulator, the line from the condensor was pretty much rusted on and ended up getting twisted up and now I had to order the condensor ($177) and he...
  3. TDIRyan

    When did your AUTO tranny die?

    At what mileage did your AUTO tranny die? 50-100K? 100-125K? 125-150K? 150-200K? 200K+?
  4. TDIRyan

    A/C Compressor

    Well, I thought it was good that the A/C compressor was replaced under warranty less than 2 years ago, but once again the VW dealer has failed me and put crap in my car. Thanks to them I have no A/C and the thermometer in my g/f's car read 107 yesterday! I now have 2 questions. First, how hard...
  5. TDIRyan

    Glow Plug Thoughts: CEL on

    I have a CEL on for glowplug #1 again. Last time I got a CEL for GP#1 and the collant temp sensor. Well, I replaced those... and that was only 4 months ago! I actually replaced all the glow plugs and the sensor. Yesterday, when I was driving, The CEL came back saying GP#1 was not working. Should...
  6. TDIRyan

    2002 TDI Show Car

    I may be getting rid of the dub to get a tow vehicle if I can find the right buyer: It's a: 2002 TDI GLS Auto Black on Black cloth NEW: Timing Belt and all pulleys armrest vacuum lines (blue silicone) coolant temp sensor glow plugs cross-drilled rotors up front and regular Zimmerman's on rear...
  7. TDIRyan

    Wingnut's Anti-shudder fix #2

    My question is reguarding this fix: Do you happen to know if that was a 1/8NPT like the ones that come with the boost gauges? I'm doing some work on my vacuum lines this weekend, and want to be prepared in case this...
  8. TDIRyan

    WTB: Black/Charcoal glove box door (2002)

    I just need the door for a Black/Charcoal gray (whatever it is that matches the upper dash on a 2002 Jetta. Anyone parting a car or know where I can get one?
  9. TDIRyan

    Interior Questions for 2002

    I have a 2002 Jetta with a charcoal Gray interior and I'm looking for a few parts. I need a glove box (plastic that holds latch on is broken off) and an armrest (mine broke at the back where it hinges up). Questions: 1. What color is the charcoal gray interior color? What is it called? is it...
  10. TDIRyan

    TNDubs G2G - March31 in Nashville

    Title Sponsors: Sponsored in part by: Its that time again! Time for the annual Tennessee statewide gtg presented by!. This year, the event will be held on March 31st, at Two Rivers Park in Nashville, TN, which is just south of Opry Mills Mall. The park offeres disc golf, a...
  11. TDIRyan

    Coolant temp sensor

    I just want to confirm that I'm getting the right parts here. I need a coolant temp sensor and probably will get a set of glowplugs. I have 87K on mine, and they are original plugs and I have an intermittent signal on the #1 plug and the coolant sensor. Is this the correct temp sensor...
  12. TDIRyan

    More electrical gremlins

    I don't get this and I'm just not sure where to look. First off, the car sort of shorts out when you turn it off sometimes. I'll know cause it won't honk when I lock it with the key. The doors lock, but the alarm doesn't sound. At that point I'll have to unlock the driver's door with the key...
  13. TDIRyan

    2.5 Audi TDI on Ebay

    Anyone see this deal up on Ebay? I don't think I've seen a 2.5 TDI Audi before!
  14. TDIRyan

    Door Lock issues

    When I lock the car, it usually works but every once in a while the locks lock but the alarm doesn't sound. At that point I can't unlock the car with the key at all (I posted this under a thread a while ago "immobilizer or ignition switch". Anyways, I'm thinking a relay for the locks or remote...
  15. TDIRyan

    Immobilizer or ignition switch?

    I have an issue that I'm not sure if the car is shorting or the ignition switch needs replaced. I noticed this when I tried to lock the car with the remote. The car locked, but no alarm. Then, I opened the door with the key and turned the key to the on position - the clock dimmed. I tried to...
  16. TDIRyan

    VAG EGR Questions

    I'm not sure what this is, but I Vag'd the car and with the 32768, the EGR was at 85%, which from what I've read was right. with the 33768, the EGR is at 40%, from what I've read, this should be about 4%. 33768 was the highest value it would accept (it has a RC2 and PP357 injectors with an...
  17. TDIRyan

    Glow Plugs or Coolant sensor?

    What do I need to do for this code? Replace glow plugs and the coolant tem psensor? Any tuorials on this? Thanks, Ryan VAG-COM Version: Release 607.3-UD Friday,24,November,2006,23:04:59 Chassis Type: 1J - VW G/J/B Mk4 Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 16 17 19 22 29 35 36 37 39 46 47 55 56 57 75...
  18. TDIRyan

    Which Fuse?!?

    I have lost my power windows and dome light and can't lock the car. The car thinks the door is open all the time now. I have no manual for the car and don't know what fueses do what. I was changing out the back dome lights when this happened (something shorted?) What is blown. Please help fast...
  19. TDIRyan

    Survey: Mileage/oil change interval

    I don't want any comments in this thread if possible, just the following information: Current Mileage: (How long the engine lasted so far) Oil Change interval: (what you usually try to do) Modified engine: chip, injectors, (just put "etc." if there's more) I'm basically trying to find what...
  20. TDIRyan

    Lights Shorting

    When I have the headlights on at night, most of the time when I hit the brake pedal, the headlights flicker off, then back on. Once in a while it's bad enough to kill the radio or turn on the ebrake/abs lights. Does this make any sense at all? Where should I start? Would the brake switch going...