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  1. vanbcguy

    WTB: B3/B4 Wagon Rear Wiper Washer Pipe or Motor

    My rear window motor is good but the washer pipe going through the middle of it has split so it's spewing washer fluid in to the motor. Ideally I'm looking for just the pipe itself, but I'll buy a whole motor from a B3 or B4 wagon if the price is reasonable. Can receive items in the US or...
  2. vanbcguy

    Fluidamper on AHU/1Z

    Has anyone in here gone with a Fluidamper on their AHU or 1Z yet? I'm finally getting ready to swap my AHU in to my B3 - I already stole its balancer for my AAZ so I need to buy one either way. The price of the Fluidamper is pretty nutso especially given the CAD:USD exchange rate these days...
  3. vanbcguy

    Vancouver to Spokane via WA20, BC3

    Taking my newly built M-TDI AHU on its first road trip this Friday. I've got about 1600 km on the new drivetrain so far with a couple good long highway runs plus lots of in town driving but this will be the first big long trip since the rebuild. I love finding the less used highways and...
  4. vanbcguy

    AHU Crank Position Sensor Connector

    Hey all, Trying to find a replacement harness side connector for my crank position sensor. Bought the one listed on Rock Auto but it is smaller than the male end on the crank sensor cable. Anyone know the part number of the connector? Sent from my HTC One XL using Tapatalk
  5. vanbcguy

    FS: AHU Rods & Pistons

    I have here a set of AHU rods and pistons pulled from a good running engine: I yanked 'em as I'm using ICE rods and ASV pistons for my build, but these are in great shape and ready to go! Asking $200... These rods should be the same P/N as ALH rods, they are interchangeable.
  6. vanbcguy

    Wanted: Mk3 Engine / Transmission Mount Brackets

    I'm working on an AHU + 02A swap in to a '97 Jetta. I'm looking for: - Front Mount Bracket (AHU + 02A in a Mk3 Body) - 1H0199273B - Transmission Mount Bracket (02A in a Mk3 Body) - 357199353A - Bolts to attach the above brackets to their respective homes (OEM) Anyone yank a 1Z / AHU / AFN and...
  7. vanbcguy

    WTB: ALH Injection Pump Pulley & Hub

    I'm looking for an ALH injection pump pulley and hub (both parts). Need it for my project I'm building. I definitely need both the sprocket and the actual hub that attaches to the pump mainshaft as well. Thanks!!