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  1. Phathektor

    KermaTdi Turbo Inlet Install

    Hello Everyone, I made a video of installing a KermaTdi Turbo Inlet pipe.
  2. Phathektor

    TDI Neuspeed Intake Install

    Hello Everyone, I made a video of installing a Neuspeed Intake. I got it because it is CARB approved in Cali.
  3. Phathektor

    2013 Beetle Oil Change

    Hello everyone, I finally got around to do an oil change on the TDI Beetle.
  4. Phathektor

    SpeedVentures Autocross

    Today I went to my first autocross of the year.
  5. Phathektor

    Speed Ventures March 13th and 14th

    Anyone going this weekend to the Speed Ventures Autocross event? Dates: Saturday, March 13, 2021 - Sunday, March 14, 2021 Price: $89 Early Signup Price Instruction: All experience levels welcome. Track: AUTOCROSS @ Auto Club Speedway (Fontana, CA) Configuration: Autocross on Saturday -...
  6. Phathektor

    Junkyard Adventure: Found a IRS from a MK6 GTi

    I went to the junkyard to find an IRS off of a 2010 MK6 GTI. And I grab the calipers off them. I will soon be installing them. Super excited
  7. Phathektor

    SpeedVentures 11/7/2020

    I went out to the SpeedVentures autocross event at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana Ca. It was super fun and I have never driven in a rainy event. I went from High 60s seconds to my personal best for 47sec. Car: 2013 VW Beetle Tdi completely stock no mods at the event Tires: Pirelli Cinturato...
  8. Phathektor

    KermadTDI Turbo Inletpipe Install

    Made a video of the Kermatdi TIP install Enjoy!!
  9. Phathektor

    2013 TDI Neuspeed Intake Install

    Made a video about my install of the Neuspeed intake. skip to 8:30 for start up lol
  10. Phathektor

    2012+ Beetle Side Markers Install

    Hello Diesel Heads, Today I am installing Smoke Side markers I got from UROTuning. The install is fairly simple. Tools Needed: T-20 T-handle or rachet. Simple Unboxing Pics :D What I did: I started by working on the Driver side. I first turn the wheel full lock towards the passenger side. I...
  11. Phathektor

    What mods are you running?

    Hello enthusiastic Beetle TDI tuners :D. I was wondering what mods are you running on your Beetles? How do you like them or dislike them? How is MPG with mods? Trying to get an idea to mod mine as well. I am not looking for a 12-second car :cool:, but at least something faster than stock...
  12. Phathektor

    2012 Beetle TDI

    Hello everyone, After losing my 2000 NB TDI. My wife and I decided to get another Beetle TDI. We love it. It's a 2012 Beetle with panaroof, fender sound system. The DSG is really nice. SHe can drive it. I miss driving stick. I could not save it the NB, somehow the fuel lines and radiator lines...