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    Feeler / Opinion - 2000 Golf GLS in Ottawa, ON

    Hi All Haven't been on in a long time - thought I'd ask for help pricing my baby. Plucky - My first new car - picked up with 6 kms on it in April '00. Went to the original TDI Fest in Wilmington and got it chipped by Rene Berube in his hotel room after many, many beers. I honestly thought...
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    LF: Euro Golf IV VIN

    Yes a strange request I know. Some girl backed into my car and broke my EuroBumper. My mechanic can order it thru the dealer - however VWOA wont; ship them to Canada without a reference VIN for a car that takes a euro bumper. I'd considered shipping one directly from Germany or up from the US...
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    B3 TDI Part Out

    '93 Passat sedan - some usual body rust. The car is complete. The TDI is from a 97 B4 Passat and was originally going back in this car. We were doing a TB, popped the head for a look, and decided it's worth more apart rather than putting it back together. However the engine ran fine before we...
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    FS: 99 TDI Swap in 93 Passat

    Selling for a friend... FS: 93 Passat with a 99 TDI swap. Has 110kms. New TB, clutch, clutch master and slave, exhaust, glow plugs, and many front end parts. Also has heated seats and a glass sunroof. The body is a little rusty, but comes with 3 good doors, an intercooler and piping setup...
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    WTB: Rad for 97 Passat TDI

    As the title says - looking fora rad (new or good condition used one) to fit a 97 Passat TDI. Email me if you have one with the price. Thanks all. JP
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    LF: VNT 15 Turbo Actuator /blown turbo

    It's pretty self explainatory. My actuator is siezed and I need a new one, however they're not available seperately. So I'm looking for someone with a blown turbo and a good actuator they're trying to get rid of. Drop me an email as I don't check in too often anymore.
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    B4 Passat Tuning Box

    A friend of mine traded in his B4 Passat and has his tuning box up for sale. Pics on request. Please post here or email me at
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    FS 2001 TDI Swap

    FS TDI engine from a 2001 (Golf I think) Automatic with under 20k on the engine. Comes with complete engine, ECU, and wiring harness. $1500 Located in Ottawa, ON. For questions, email me at jpottawa AT hotmail DOT com
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    Rear Axle Bushings

    Hi All... I'm currently in the process of replacing my rear swing-axle (i.e., trailing arm) bushings on my 2000 Golf TDI. I've got about 160k (100,000Miles). When we removed the axle from the car, the passenger side bushing had disintegrated to a point where the bolt mounting sleeve was...
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    FS: Castalette 16" wheels (Jetta GLX)

    FS: Castalette 16\" wheels (Jetta GLX) I've upgraded my wheels, so I'm selling my Castalettes. These came on 2000/01 Jetta GLX VR6's. They are 16x6.5" with a 5x100 bolt pattern. The wheels are true and straight with no curbage, but do have some paint scuffs, and 2 of the centres have some...
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    Will 225/50/16 fit?

    Hi All!! Just looking for some advice as i KNOW a bunch of you have played with different upsizing of wheels. I've currently got some 16" Le Castallets (IE Jetta VR6 wheels) and i can get a deal on some Kumho 712's for about 240$ CDN with about 90% left...The question is - has anyone actually...
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    Opinion on 97 Passat TDI Wagon

    Hey there guys...need an opinion on this: My friend just found a loaded Blue/grey 97 Passat TDI Wagon for sale in Toronto. The catch? The true mileage is unknown for the vehicle, as the previous owner (now at a lot) disconnected the Odometer (yeah, SUPER ILLEGAL, I know). As it sits, the car...
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    Oh No!! Paint Overspray

    My neighbour launched a terrorist attack on my Silver Y2K Golf last week by spray-painting his fence R-E-D !! Now the front of the car (away from the spray) feels really dirty, and the rear of the car (nearest) feels like sandpaper...I find myself driving around and pulling back the drivers...
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    LF: 15" VW Covers

    Looking for 15" VW wheel covers, as due to my dealer being a cheating lying bast$rd, i'm running my winter wheels and tires while pursuing court action to get my Avus wheels repaired CORRECTLY after they fu$!ed them up.(did i mention incompetant?) Anyway, I'm getting sick of staring @ black...
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    OZ Fittipaldi's

    OZ Fittipaldi\'s Anyone interested...OZ is clearing out thier Fittipaldi's 17" = $100 18" = $125 Plus shipping.