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    WTB - Panzer Plate or similar MK4 skid plate -Phoenix

    I know this might be asking for the impossible, but really need a skid plate to protect my 2003 Jetta Wagon. Anyone have one for sale, or leads on where I can find one that won't cost and arm and a leg? Maybe an arm OR a leg?
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    WTB - 2001-2003 Jetta Wagon, ALH/5 speed

    Looking for a ALH powered wagon, hopefully somewhere out west, manual transmission and a non-leaking ALH. The closer to Phoenix, the better. Now if this doesn't describe your wagon for sale, let me know and we can discuss. Or if outside of my description I'll consider too. Just need 45-50 ish...
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    SOLD - Mk4 Yakima Roof Rack w/ locks. Phoenix area

    For sale is the Yakima roof rack and cross bars from my TDI 4 door Golf. All parts there, rack is a little weathered but works perfectly. Sold the Golf and now need to sell the rack. Not sure what it will cost to ship but willing to quote with a US zip code. Price is $100 picked up, buyer...
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    DIY Write-Up: SMIC Upgraded Intercooler for my 2001 MK4 Golf (Pic Heavy)

    Hey guys, I bought my 2001 Golf about two months ago, and have been restoring it mechanically since I brought her home from Houston. So far I fixed a vacuum line problem which got the turbo working, and now I am tackling the leaky OEM intercooler that is puking black oil on my driveway. In...
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    2003 Golf TDI - what do you guys think?

    Newb here, I am looking for veteran owners' opinions. I am searching for either a ~2003 Jetta ALH 5 speed, or a ~ 2003 Golf ALH 5 speed. Here is what I found online in Bellevue Washington (a 1400 mile one way drive home for me):