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  1. MrCypherr

    Chattering squeak from transmission side - Throwout bearing? *video added

    For gas cars, Yes thats usually what people go with. Also, for TDIs, I know Mk4s handle them well. I know a couple people who never had issues with them. It seems to be just the mk5/mk6 transmissions that have an issue with them.
  2. MrCypherr

    Chattering squeak from transmission side - Throwout bearing? *video added

    DO NOT go with SMF on these cars. You will shatter the synchro's. Just take a quick search on here with people who have done SMF and how long its lasted. With regards to your noise, without a video, sounds like the release bearing. Mine has been doing the same thing for months.
  3. MrCypherr

    Diesel price...

    $1.82 at some local name brand stations. But i heard that cherry flavoured diesel is down a few cents.
  4. MrCypherr

    Does bad thermostat, lower operating temperature, significantly decrease MPG?

    Im curious to monitor it with cars that have a full EGR delete since there is no warm air going back into the engine to heat it up quicker. I know cars that have a full EGR delete tend to take a bit longer to warm up and the coolant temp needle drops when coasting but goes back up when on some...
  5. MrCypherr

    2012 Jetta TDI turbo under boost code

    See if your wastegate holds vacuum.
  6. MrCypherr

    2021 Volkswagen Golf GTD Shows TDI Performance on the Autobahn, Sounds Rough

    They basically created a cheat to the system to give us the best MPG they could. Yet, people still got mad. lol
  7. MrCypherr

    Does bad thermostat, lower operating temperature, significantly decrease MPG?

    Wondering the same thing but Ive noticed it on cars that have DPF/EGR parts gone. Since there is no EGR, I know the temps drop alot easier but usually only when im stopped/idle. How could you tell the thermostat is bad in other ways?
  8. MrCypherr

    Rawtek Options

    Ive driven cars with nothing but a stock muffler. Theres no smell or noise in the cabin at all. Just some smell outside the car and some more noise. From what ive noticed atleast.
  9. MrCypherr

    Rawtek Options

    I know people get the cats to reduce the smell which helps. On cars without a cat and just straight to stock muffler, I noticed there is a smell if youre standing behind it. Not in the car.
  10. MrCypherr

    Clutch and flywheel advice/recommendations

    Its more so the vibration/chatter with a single mass that kills them.
  11. MrCypherr

    Clutch and flywheel advice/recommendations

    Single mass is a synchro killer. Just do a quick search for anything 2009 and up and people who have ran a single mass. Whats your output for tq? SACHs has a performance clutch kit good up to 400tq.
  12. MrCypherr

    Rawtek Options

    Even with a stock muffler in place, its loud enough to where you can hear it but not crazy loud.
  13. MrCypherr

    Scrap or fix

    Are you able to grab any pictures of the car from where you say its welded or something weird going on? Has it been professionally done or does it look kind of hacked up?
  14. MrCypherr

    Would you buy a tdi with these codes ?

    Is it under the extended warranty or no?
  15. MrCypherr

    Is my dmf going bad in my dsg ?

    That is indeed your flywheel.
  16. MrCypherr

    Mk6 TDI Oil Discontinued

    Dealers use 0W-30 for diesels now. As said, this topic has been brought up before and VW tends to switch up oils for some reason.
  17. MrCypherr

    New member 👍

    Yeah I wouldnt trust stickers. Id want to check through all the receipts and make note of all the things done and at what mileage/time. So you can keep better track going forward. I tend to use a notebook and write everything out that was done so its easier to check back if need be and see what...
  18. MrCypherr

    Diesel price...

    LOL. Yes it was. Treg is about $190ish to fill up if its not on empty atleast.
  19. MrCypherr

    High mileage CR - post it up!

    214,100km (133035mi). Just a youngin still. 2013 GSW, just bought it last year with 148,000km on it.
  20. MrCypherr

    Shop for DPF delete and tune

    Im surprised this is actually discussed on the forum so openly.