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    I just had the oil changed and the dealer put 0-30w in

    I am confused that the 0-30w is suppose to be what is used now. Manual says 5-40w synthetic for the 2016 TDIs Any thouhts on this? I called another dealer and got the same message 0-30w
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    Got a CEL on a 2000 mile road trip

    I have a 2016 TDI Touraeg with 25,000 miles, had it serviced before this trip of 2000 miles. First fill up left the station and car threw engine light. Called the dealer who did the servicing and he said it's probably a loose fuel cap. Re checked the cap and went on my way. Light never reset...
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    Does anyone use FEROX for reducing regens??

    Message says it. I came across this product made by Rennsli in Utah that reducing the recurring regens,by improving combustion in TDIs. If you do short trips you probably get regen notices or DPF notices,I was hoping this would help.
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    water engine ingestion solutions

    I want to come back to this issue since it hasn't been brought up recently. Has anyone found a good solution to prevent water in the air box? I don't like the idea of worrying about this happening every time there is a rain storm forecast. I am still puzzled as to why a new car with no miles...
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    blind side erratic operation?

    My "new" blind side function keeps going on and off, any ideas before I go to the dealer/ Thanks
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    What to look for in a TDI beetle??

    Looking into a TDI beetle convert. I have several in area to choose from. I assume this is the same 2,0 used in the Jettas and passats, correct? I have read they may have belt issues? Any insight would be helpful.
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    programing Homelink garage opener in a Touareg

    Anyone know a link to show how to program a Homelink sys in a TREG. I did mine 7 yrs ago,but had a tough time with it. New TREG now and need to do same thing again. Hoping there is a simple way this time. Instructions from Homelink are not very helpful. Thanks car is a 2016
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    water ingested in 2014,15, 16 3.0 TDIs ?

    I was reading in another site about water in air filters on these yr TREGs that caused massive engine damage. It seemed to be from ingestion from rain, not flooding. Any thoughts? I'm about to buy a 2016 TDI. THX
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    buy back for Gen 1 TDIs?

    Has anyone sold back their TREG Gen 1? What was the deal ,how much restsitution did they pay? I haven't been able to get any info. Is this still up in the air?
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    new 2017 GSW altrac

    I am debating get a new altrac when I turn in my Jetta sport wagon . Anyone have insights I might use to make a decision? How do they ride? pick up? Down sides about the seats vs older models. Thanks in advance.
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    fuel door locked shut HELP

    My 2012 TDI has its fuel door locked shut. All other locking doors work fine. Has anybody had this problem? Is there a release somewhere in the trunk? I have taken the car to the dealer who said it is the lock actuator ?? It is scafrey to think you could be a a long trip and not be ab to...
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    things to do when changing batteries

    Ok, question is can I just take out the old battery and install new one without going through hell with on board computer? I hope the answer is all will be easy. Thanks much.
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    fuel pump surprise !

    A friend with a new TDI Audi Q7 goes to fill up on a trip in SC ,Goes to the diesel pump,not truck pump and can't get the pump handle into the filler hole. Calls attendents no luck calls mgr no luck tries to call Audi too late in the day. Finally Mgr finds a way to slowly get about a gallon in...
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    another water issue with Pano roof

    We just had a 3 in rain fall and the driver side rear seat is now full of water. It's a 09 JSW . No water in front or passenger side of car. Is this the rear pano roof drain? BTW the rear tire well is dry. Very strange:mad::mad:
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    driver side dampness. AC leaking?

    I noticed that the driver side front and back carpets were damp. It hasn't rained in quite a while, but the AC has been running a lot. Is there a drain for the ac that might be clogged? It is a JSW 09 with pano roof. Thanks all.:confused:
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    Any ideas for a INDY along CT shoreline?

    I would like to find a good TDI shop in the Eastern CT shoreline for work on a Treg and JSW. I have used Old Saybrook VW,but would like a shop to do some basic service at rates better than standard charges for example $600 for 40K mi Treg service, $400 DSG service on the JSW. Thanks for the help.
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    JSW water leak drivers side

    Does anyone have a problem with water on the floor front and back. I suspect air conditioning water. We haven't had rain for a long time so I don't think its the pano roof,but I could be wrong. This damp rather than a ton of water. Thanks all you pros.
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    Startron DIESEL

    Anyone ever use this product? It is best known for it's Ethanol treatment for E-10. Now they have a product for diesel. The packaging doesn't specify what its all about ,which is strange to me. :confused::confused:
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    new consumers report bombs Treg

    Just got the new CR report which gives Treg bad marks on reliability,but when you look at the actual report the only thing reported poor was the fuel system. What? Everything else was excellent. Guess they don't like these cars.
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    Diesel in tiguan ever???

    I would personnally love to see this happen,and can't understand why it hasn't. . The reason I won't buy the Tiguan is the lousy MPGs. It could be an alternative to the Touareg. :confused::confused: