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  1. Quadrifoglio

    Installing a Power seat

    I have a 2004 Jetta GLS with heated leather seats. Recently I purchased a power/heated leather seat from a 2002/3 jetta. I've read through Flash9's post fairly thoroughly but I have a few simple questions: With the seat I got what I believe is the CCM (part # 3B1 959 760 E). 1. Do I...
  2. Quadrifoglio

    Online Parts Diagram

    I used to know where one was but the link is on an old (and long dead) laptop. Anyone know where an online parts diagram is for all VWs? I need to replace a few parts and have to look at parts diagrams to find out what the parts numbers are. Thanks!
  3. Quadrifoglio

    Just ran a Vag-com scan and recieved an error

    Any thoughts on this? I was driving while doing the scan so it's possible that this caused the fault code. I haven't had any problems with the locking system: Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 1C0-959-799.lbl Part No: 1C0 959 799 C Component: 1H Komfortgerát HLO 0003...
  4. Quadrifoglio

    OEM mudflap install

    Ordered a set of these and put the fronts on today which is a 20 minute job. The rears require removal of the wheels to gain access to the necessary screws so I'll save that for the weekend. First I scrubbed the wheel well liners and paint in the area that would be covered up by the factory...
  5. Quadrifoglio

    Very Odd Alarm Question

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this on but anywhere; Today I installed factory roof bars (base roof rack bars) onto my 2004 Jetta. I had all four doors open for quite some time (about an hour?) while I was cleaning the roof, waxing it, installing the protective film and then the roof bars...