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    Don't do phase 2?

    Yesterday I called Boise Volkswagen about getting Phase 2 done on my 2015 Jetta TDI (68,850 mi.). The service writer discouraged me by saying most owners are not doing it, that it makes the car run bad. She said I would "have to sign a release " before they would do it. She said the 162,000...
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    TDI coolant temp?

    What is the proper operating temperature (thermostat rating) for a 2015 Jetta TDI engine? Thanks!
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    Power seats?

    The only drawback to our 2015 Jetta TDI is the manual seat adjusting-pumping a lever to raise and lower. Is there any way to convert to a power seat? Will the power seat frame from a Passat or CC bolt in? Thanks.
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    Sue! Sue! Sue!

    To all the sue happy people voicing their greed: I sincerely hope VW will be allowed to pay you off in Monopoly Money!
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    rear defrost wire came off

    Hi! The ground terminal that is soldered to the rear window defrost grid popped loose. Has anybody re-soldered one of these? Is it a normal soldering job or are special tools/techniques needed? Thanks for any input!
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    water in fuel removal

    Question: On a 2011 Jetta TDI, is there any kind of water seperator that can be drained? There doesn't sem to be anything on the bottom of the fuel filter. How is a person supposed to get rid of any water that finds its way in? Thanks!
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    TDI vs. gasoline MPG and cost

    Been reading various posts about the higher cost of Diesel over gasoline as well as gasoline MPG approaching that of Diesels. One overlooked factor in Diesel cost is the demand created by farmers growing more corn for ethanol (corn is at record high prices due to demand by ethanol producers)...
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    trunk pops open

    Just curious: Has anybody had their trunk lid pop open by itself? It first happened to us about a week after buying the car (2011 Jetta TDI with the KESSY Vunderbar keyless system). Here's the deal: Lock the car, leave, come back and open the trunk to put stuff in. Shut the trunk and walk...