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  1. TDIRyan

    Alarm arming issue??

    do you have any other wiring issues going on? You may want to check your grounds if you do.
  2. TDIRyan

    Oil leak at end of dipstick

    Good thing it was that. Mine leaked all over the front of the engine... that sucks to clean off.
  3. TDIRyan

    actual size of the pp357`s

    Forrest, you'll love the PP357's. Tuned with the Rocketchip stage 2 it's an awesome combo. You may need a bit more rubber to keep the traction to the road though. I'm running a 225/40 18 and it can't keep the traction down.
  4. TDIRyan

    Changing Injectors

    I'm assuming you're running a stick shift? The injectors are a great upgrade for the money... and easy to swap out yourself on a non-PD engine.
  5. TDIRyan

    Sale: 2002 Auto TDI 97K miles (lots of goodies)

    I'll try to post more pics soon. I have a bunch of show pics, but need some more for you. I'll post as soon as I can. If anyone wants pics just ask.
  6. TDIRyan

    WTB: TDI (any year) but must be perfect in/out and have a fair amount of mods
  7. TDIRyan

    Sale: 2002 Auto TDI 97K miles (lots of goodies)

    The only problem I have with that is towing 5000 Lbs on the highway with a V6 is no fun. Sorry, but I just can't do that right now. I'mi looking for something with a V8 or diesel.
  8. TDIRyan

    Sale: 2002 Auto TDI 97K miles (lots of goodies)

    This TDI was my show car for 2 years before I got my classsic Chevy.I drove the car daily for 2.5 years now, and it's never given me any issues. My brother and I have done most of the work on it. It's got about 97K miles and runs like new. Anything we couldn't do was done by Phil at European...
  9. TDIRyan

    Wanted: TDI with AT and < 100Kmiles

    I have one going for sale. All maintenance done and runs beautifully...
  10. TDIRyan

    What to do next-best way to incease bhp?!

    Horsepower, who cares? We care more about torque around here...
  11. TDIRyan

    My Tires are Different Sizes???

    NO, that little of a difference won't cause an issue.
  12. TDIRyan

    Bolt pattern? wheel

    Pry the cover off the center of the wheel... you just need a small screwdriver (covered with a cloth to not scratch the wheel)
  13. TDIRyan

    New Wheels Need Help....

    I have a 225/40 18 - had a 235/40 18 and they rubbed holes through the fender liners up front when turning. The stock GLI wheel was an 18 with 225/40 rubber on it. The 35 sidewall is good for a 19, but go with the 225/40 for the 18's and they'll look right and speedo will be right. My wheels...
  14. TDIRyan

    Repair Costs? What do you pay? Mississippi

    I payed a little over $650 to get my Tb and water pump done in Memphis. This is an individual shop that does a lot of them too.
  15. TDIRyan

    New turbo came in for the V10 TDI

    If you're hitting limp mode, sounds like you need to do some VAG logging on requested boost vs. actual boost.
  16. TDIRyan

    Advantages 15 or 17 Rims?

    I run 18's on my 02. The ride is quite a bit harsher, but I'm used to aport suspensions, not this floppy stock suspension on this thing anyways. The mileage is about 3MPG difference between my 15's and 18's. The 18's do look better, and I like them. You just have to watch for potholes more...
  17. TDIRyan

    Best fuel filter?

    How are you getting this "stay away from Bosch" etc. stuff? Do you have evidence to back this up?
  18. TDIRyan

    lots of smoke loss of power

    Don't worry about that yet... I'm guessing it's not a blown turbo. Start with simple stuff... IS the lower instercooler pipe still connected?