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    cylinder bore tolerances?

    I agree with Trubocharged, except for the maximum clearance. .005" is a recipe for blowby, which isn't that much of a problem to alleviate, the way we do it. Of course, the ball hone is only to remove the glazing of the cylinder walls. If you don't deglaze, it takes 10,000 miles to get new...
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    Vibration while at idle but not under load

    Banksy, what you were showing from VCDS are not IQ numbers. Those are idle balance compensation numbers. You need to show those same block 13 numbers with the engine at 1596rpm and include the block 15 liter per hour (lph) and engine speed. Let's see those. You might include the real IQ...
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    Hey, Jeff Robertson and I go back a few years, of course, over TDI's. I saw you posted about...

    Hey, Jeff Robertson and I go back a few years, of course, over TDI's. I saw you posted about his house fire. Tried calling, but I'm sure the phone is his last interest. I don't know how extensive the damage was. Hope everyone is ok. Frank
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    BEW EGR delete

    Block it.
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    piston protrusion 'how to' w/ pics!

    I keep finding people using this method to check piston protrusion. I just found this recently. I know it's been here a long time, but honestly, the method is incorrect. Sorry if I am stepping on any toes, but I have spent the time and effort to get this right. Measurements near or at the...
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    Increased Iron in oil

    You know, we do quite a business in cams... Timing belts, too. Try emailing the cam pics.
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    Increased Iron in oil

    Btw: Check for a CRAP filter. The cheap Big Box store filters don't have good seals. Therefore, silicon. Usually, you can see dust coming around the filter seal. Same is true for fuel filters. The CRAP filters don't glue the base or end pleats.
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    Increased Iron in oil

    With that kind of metallurgy, I'd think the cam and lifter damage would be very obvious. But what part of the story that is missing... If you have damaged cam and lifters, especially if the lifters are dished or even have holes, through them, the oil pump is worn out. All the metal from the...
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    Febi vs Colt vs Frank06

    We 'veterans' need to go our separate ways. I'm not 'Insulted'. I just need to get out of this and stay out. You support whomever you want. I don't care. Mastertrim, I'm sorry you felt the need to dig up an old and irritating story.
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    Febi vs Colt vs Frank06

    Stop. There is absolutely no reason to revive this. There was never any intention to raise any hackles the first time. There is enough sensitivity in the world already. I have no interest in what I am seeing as a childish debate. Go back to what you were doing. I've suffered no ill...
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    2022 TDIfest Discussion Thread

    Not sure I'm in with being 'chosen'. My shop is not much of a meeting spot. It's off the beaten path, no close hotel/ motels. As for Kirk Blackmore (TDIClub handle, r90sKirk) , He's in Cedarville, Michigan, North of Grand Rapids by about 30 miles. I have enjoyed a few visits there. Last time...
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    Vibration while at idle but not under load

    We have done a lot of investigation on injectors and engine balancing. In this case, let's start with the most obvious. It could be low compression in a cylinder. Compression test the engine. I'll not forget the fella that came into the shop one day, after we just got a performance engine...
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    I was amused also... BAWK! BAWK! I didn't see this before. I don't know how I missed it...

    I was amused also... BAWK! BAWK! I didn't see this before. I don't know how I missed it. Sorry.... :/ I have some deadlines to make today. I'll call in an hour or two. Ok? Frank
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    Turbo Pin / Replacment Turbo Vane Assembly

    Nathan, sorry for the delay. It got busier than normal. Judging the turbo you have, I was trying to guess how old it is. 350k? And now you say only 105k?? I have to wonder what went wrong. The one I have I know exactly what it came off and the mileage. An '01 Yellow Bug with 185,000...
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    Turbo Pin / Replacment Turbo Vane Assembly

    Mine isn't broken. I use VNT-17 upgrades a lot... When it's appropriate. Actually, there are some strange comparisons you can make from the 15 or 17. But generally, around 180hp, the 17 is quite good. That changes at 200hp as the VNT17 will not survive.
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    Turbo Pin / Replacment Turbo Vane Assembly

    CHRA: Center Housing Rotating Assembly That includes the Compressor, Exhaust wheels with shaft and housing. call me and we can get things worked out.
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    Turbo Pin / Replacment Turbo Vane Assembly

    A good working BEW turbo is harder to come by. The sample VNT-15 I have is a takeoff and it is better than the turbo you have. If I do have a BEW in some sort of condition, I'll take it apart and see. If nothing else, I probably can get a whole vane mechanism out of it. You got the screw...
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    Turbo manifold contact plate for VNT should be smooth and free from dents or wear marks
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    The vane plate interior that faces the manifold contact plate should also be smooth and without wear marks.
  20. Turbo Pics

    Turbo Pics

    VNT-15 internal inspection