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    Polestar "No Dieselgate"

    Anyone else notice the ad I say on TV for the Caddy Polestar 2 all electric car? They put in big letters on screen "NO DIESELGATE". I laughed out loud, made wife look up and ask whats going on. didn't realize Audi/VW diesels were cutting that far into their sales. Not that Caddy didn't...
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    Brand new TDI owner 2011

    lock the car with remote and check all the doors to see if they are locked then do the same with unlocking. the actuators can be a problem. Dont want your daughter leaving the car thinking its locked and one door is not.
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    TDI Girl at Fuel Pump Story

    several years ago My wife was filling up the Jetta. she was just finishing when the attendant from inside and another guy came running out of building to tell her she just filled up with diesel. She just smiled and said "I dont care, its my boyfriends car" then she hopped in and drove away as...
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    Advice on whether to keep or trade-in 2012 JSW Manual

    when I had my RCV done it was about $250. The Dealers dont change RCV's because its not in the book as an orderable part, so they change the entire compressor.
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    Driver's door won't lock. (2012 Passat SEL)

    Yep My bad. did it again.... commented without reading it again. just saw 2012. the Passat part didn't sink in. Sorry. Youtube is amazing. its in there.
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    Driver's door won't lock. (2012 Passat SEL)

    to replace the door lock actuator the outside door panel comes off. On the 2012 the actuator is plastic welded together. the '10 and '11 they are screwed together so can disassemble and fix. You have to replace the lock actuator unit. I have done 3 on my car. The first one was tough, but...
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    Pads not releasing

    are they grabbing during driving, or starting out after releasing the parking brake. the parking brake cable is known to get sticky.
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    I thought " Y'all " was an American southern thing. Y'all up in the northern reaches say it too?
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    Prep my cjaa

    My 2010 has the CJAA eng. your 2012 has a slightly different eng code. not sure but maybe CKRA? To up power, most don't do eng swaps but ECU reprogramming, with swapping out injectors, turbos, exhaust, and clutches. A little searching on this site will find a lot of info on it. Malone and...
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    A bit of advice...hpfp?

    I drilled the tiny hole in mine and put a little screw in it during non winter months. there is always a pile of goo on my underbelly plastic cover every time I pull it down.
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    A bit of advice...hpfp?

    another possibility is the fuel rail is losing pressure sitting overnight. the pressure retention valve, that holds pressure in the line and returns extra fuel to the tank, could be leaking. there have been several people having to change this valve.
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    fuel additive

    there are a few additives out there that specifically state that its safe for the emissions systems on the newer cars. but finding fact based evidence of what your asking will be very hard. I do use an additive every tank (optilube XPD) just for the piece of mind of adding lubrication for...
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    Timing belt

    timing belt change time on a '13 is 130,000 miles. you still have lots of life left on your belt.
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    Thoughts on buying a 2011 TDI not touched by VW for E-mods?

    My 2010 did not get the fix. I tried to get it done for the payout but never could get the paperwork fax to be accepted. must have faxed 10 times from several different fax machines over 6 months. just kept being told there was pages and/or signatures missing. but couldn't tell me which ones...
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    New time belt/water pump no start

    If you just now ordered the metalnerd pin kit where did you get your "good" quality timing belt parts kit at? I'm glad you got it figured out and thanks for updating to let others who search this problem see the fix.
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    Burning smell coming from engine compartment

    The DPF regen that causes the burning smell and fans to run after shutdown. Every few hundred miles, or when the car computer deems needed, The car uses extra fuel to burn off in the DPF which burns off the ash that collects in there. creates a lot of heat, external in the engine compartment...
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    Heat just stopped working 2015 SportWagen

    there has been issues with plugged heater cores in those years cars. there was contamination in the system during assembly that causes sediment to plug up the heater core. back flushing the core with a hose from the eng compartment would usually help but didn't completely fix the problem for...
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    Missing Wheel Lock

    most tire shops have tools to be able to remove the locking lugs bolts. They see this problem all the time. If you are buying and mounting tires thru them, they should do it for a small fee. watched my dad do it at his shop with a star shaped socket pounded on lug with a hammer. That was...
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    2.0 cr cam timing

    on these the injection is not timed by the pump but instead elec signal to the injectors. timing is with pins in cam and HPFP, a toothed lock on the crank. there are several 'how to' step by steps here and on "" The tools needed you can buy with the timing belt change kit or...
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    10 lights out at once. FUSE problem? No Diagram? VW 2011 Sportwagen TDI

    do a search on AM97 like I said in my earlier post. very common problem. check the green fuse most aft in the underhood fuse/relay box. Fuse number F-15 or F-16. Don't know if the campaign is still active to get the plate replaced for free.